Deposition of Morris Strickland

By popular request, the deposition of Morris Strickland.



The Shoe has Dropped – Bullet Points on Breaking Stories

Multiple sources have reached out to SRHS Watch to tell us that Larry Shoemaker will be leaving the health system.

Kevin Holland is beginning the search for his replacement in the office of the COO.

Dogan & Wilkinson is hanging on by a thread, being protected by insiders – the usual suspects.

SRHS trustees continue to the threaten retirees with the false specter of bankruptcy.

We are working to confirm the current balance of the pension trust.

If you have spoken with Steve Simpson, have a document showing the pension trust balance, or any other breaking news tips related to SRHS or the Hilton Garden Inn, please let us know using the box below. Your name and e-mail address are not required.

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Millionaire Chicoms to Pascagoula Taxpayers: We Will Rock You

The millionaire Chinese communists who are seeking a handout on the backs of hard-working Pascagoula taxpayers have a message for those who earn a living by the sweat of their brow:


Which Chinese Millionaires Will Pascagoula Taxpayers Subsidize?

LaFont Inn, LLC is asking the city of Pascagoula to assist in providing a loan for $500,000 – $1.35 million.  LaFont Inn, LLC is 25% owned by foreign investors who are seeking an EB-5 visa.  Such a visa would entitle the foreign national to a green card if they invest $500,000 and create ten jobs.  Thirteen such investors have provided $6.5 million in capital to LaFont Inn, LLC.

USCIS statistics tell us that 85% of EB-5 visas are awarded to Chinese nationals. It is common knowledge that wealthy Chinese are either corrupt government officials and their families, or businessmen who must routinely pay “tea money” to exert influence on the Communist Party apparatchiks.

Nearly every real estate development in China includes the local communist party as a partner in the development.  No doubt that Chinese investors would feel at home investing with Gentry and Roy Williams, whose development efforts included a $2.5 million investment by the city of Pascagoula.

Now these foreign investors have their hand out again, asking for the citizen taxpayers of Pascagoula for even more money. How much should they be entitled to?

Should we know who these people are?  Are they Chinese communist party officials? Are they their children? Are they party members? Have they served in the People’s Liberation Army or the PLA Navy?  Are they executives of Chinese state-owned enterprises which steal US technology?

Could they be Libyans? Syrians? Russians? Who?!

Who are the wealthy foreigners who will get the benefit on the back of the welders and shipfitters of Pascagoula?  You deserve to know.


How to Object to the SRHS Settlement

We have received a request to provide information or a form to object to the settlement. While we would like to do so, we are not in the business of providing legal advice.  The rules of US District Court call for a very specific format and procedure when objecting to a class-action settlement.

The objection must be filed in the proper form and manner or you will lose certain rights.  Unfortunately, the process is designed to make it very difficult for a lay person to switch the vote that has already been cast in their name.

This is a task that almost certainly requires an attorney to complete.  We strongly recommend you seek out competent counsel to file an objection.  Currently the only two attorneys we can recommend in that regard are Earl Denham and Harvey Barton.  All other attorneys with suits against Singing River Health System have signed on and will profit from the current settlement agreement.  Nearly all of those same attorneys have clients who will be filing objections.

If you have an objection to having Denham or Barton represent you, you may seek out other competent counsel.  If there are other attorneys who are currently accepting clients to object to the settlement, please inform us and we will include your contact information.


Below we quote the information on how to object to the settlement.  This is taken from the Class Notice that you should have received in the mail.  


Morris Strickland Under Oath


Object and You’ll Never Walk Alone

If you are contemplating objecting to the proposed settlement, you must know that you will not be alone.  You should not fear repercussions from your employer – for that is prohibited by labor law.  You should not fear repercussions from your co-workers – many of them are also filing objections. You must do what is best for you and your family.  Will your boss or co-worker help you buy groceries in old age?  Can you depend on them pick up the slack that Singing River and Jackson County have let out?

You should not fear repercussions from your attorneys – you are their client. They have an obligation to honor your wishes.  We can tell you that attorneys who put their name on the settlement agreement will be filing several objections on behalf of their clients.

Plaintiffs, both currently employed and retired, are standing up to their attorneys and saying “No! We don’t want this deal. Try again.”

Some of those clients have been very outspoken throughout this process.

Know that if you choose to object, you’ll never walk alone.


If You Choose Not to Decide, You Still Have Made a Choice

deadline: april 25, 2016

You have until the deadline to file your objection with the US District Court to the proposed settlement with Singing River Health System.


Imagine an election where your ballot is already cast for a candidate.  The name of the candidate will not be revealed until after the election is over, but your vote will count even if you don’t show up to the polls.  Your vote will still count even if you never registered to vote.

You would never vote for someone without even knowing his name, much less his character.  This is the situation with the Singing River pension settlement.  Even though the numbers are available to the attorneys, accountants, and other experts, not one person has told you what kind of reduction your pension benefits will take.  Remember those old TV commercials “Put it in writing AT&T!”?  If you demanded your long distance service to put the details in writing, why should you accept less from your pension plan, employer, and attorneys?

Will it be an 88% benefit or a 75% benefit?  Will anyone put it in writing?

Even though you never signed up with an attorney, and even though you haven’t made a decision, the courts will cast your ballot in favor of a plan, unless you take action to stop it.

The truth about this situation is you will take a side whether you like it or not.  You will either stand with truth, justice, and honor, or you will stand with slick attorneys and allow Singing River to never tell the truth about what really happened.


We leave you with the words of one wise contributor to this publication:

I believe a settlement is badly needed. Retirees/employees will get less than they deserve. That is true of all settlements. But if benefits are to be cut in the future, or greater risk placed upon retirees for market changes, then those actions and approval of a settlement have to be done in the most open manner possible. We are adults. We know life is not fair. We have all been disappointed by employers, friends, family, governments, etc. But if I am going to be screwed, I want to at least know why, how and when. So do the SRHS retirees/employees.

This struggle began over a lack of transparency in the operations and management of Singing River Health System. Despite all the litigation and media coverage, a select few are still bent on deciding the financial fate of thousands in back room, secret meetings. Let us pray they fail.


SRHS Spends Thousands on Lobbyist

While Singing River executives and attorneys are constantly poor-mouthing, they had no problem spending nearly $50,000 on lobbying efforts last year.

SRHS has again retained the same lobbyist to represent them in this year’s legislative session.

Click image for full PDF report.
Issues Players

Mayor & Developer Buy Plane at Same Time Developer Begs Millions from City

Back when Scott Walker suffered severe back injuries in a plane crash, the Mississippi Press called up one of the plane’s other owners for a status report. That other owner was late Pascagoula mayor Robbie Maxwell.  Maxwell told the paper that he and Walker owned the plane along with attorney Roy Williams and that they had only bought the plane two weeks prior to the accident.

That accident occurred on March 19, 2011. Let’s take a look at the timeline:

  • March 1, 2011 – Plane is purchased by Maxwell, Walker, Williams (on or about)
  • March 15, 2011 – Pascagoula city council agrees to apply for $3.3 million in grants for Hilton site; also agrees to hire bond consultant to review issuing $1.36 million in TIF bonds for Hilton site
  • March 19, 2011 – Plane crash
  • March 23, 2011 – Demolition of LaFont Inn begins

So at the same time Williams and his son have their hands out for $4.6 million from the city of Pascagoula, they just happen to buy a plane together with the mayor, and the mayor’s consulting partner.  Very coincidental timing.

There is an interesting facet of that plane’s registration: it was listed as an individual owner, not as having co-owners. Though, this could have been a hiccup in the processing. The plane was registered to Maxwell-Walker Consulting Group’s office in Pascagoula.

FAA registration information.