The Shoe has Dropped – Bullet Points on Breaking Stories

Multiple sources have reached out to SRHS Watch to tell us that Larry Shoemaker will be leaving the health system.

Kevin Holland is beginning the search for his replacement in the office of the COO.

Dogan & Wilkinson is hanging on by a thread, being protected by insiders – the usual suspects.

SRHS trustees continue to the threaten retirees with the false specter of bankruptcy.

We are working to confirm the current balance of the pension trust.

If you have spoken with Steve Simpson, have a document showing the pension trust balance, or any other breaking news tips related to SRHS or the Hilton Garden Inn, please let us know using the box below. Your name and e-mail address are not required.

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3 thoughts on “The Shoe has Dropped – Bullet Points on Breaking Stories”

  1. I’ll bet corn Cobb is already packing up Lauren’s office so that he can move down the street and corn hole can take over that office as promised by ole kev. This script was written long ago. What’s yet to be decided is whether or not the “new” BOT will read their lines as written or will actually act in the best interest of the employees, retirees and county as a whole and cut the head off of the snake and send Kevin, his team, and the lawyers off to another host to suck dry.

  2. Wooo doggie! I showz be glad when that double headed snake is sent packing

    Nothing is ever gonna really change until the Board of Trustees or the JCBOS cleans the leadership and hires themselves an outside firm or sum other outside entity to come in and manage until they can really do an extensive talent search for the right leaders

    I be hearing that the snake has made numerous comments he ain’t slithering anywhere unless he is fired. Well JCBOS SND SRHS BOT fire his azz and fo God’s sake, don’t let corn Cobb get any higher position that he already pretends to have

    He is a joke and his reputation is extremely tarnished with his constant need of company from the other side

    Perhaps we need to get a voodoo priest or Indian medicine man to come and chant at the next picket to help rid us of all dem dare rodents and reptiles

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