Why Won’t Steve Simpson Return Retirees’ Calls?

Apparently Steve Simpson has Seaquestered himself away from having to deal with the pension holders he chose to serve. SRHS Watch has received reports from retirees that Steve Simpson won’t return their calls.  They have called on numerous occasions, never to have their calls returned.  We do know of Simpson returning at least one employee’s call several weeks ago.

Maybe Simpson should send out a press release to the local media with the updated financials.  Maybe he could sit down with WLOX and give an update on what is happening with the plan.  Explain what the financials look like after the first quarter.  Explain what the path forward is after the settlement.

We encourage you to try to get Simpson on the horn.  You can call him at 228-265-6990.  You can e-mail him at [email protected] 

If he returns your call and gives you updated numbers on the pension, let us know.

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