Ohio Couple Swears to Owning, Profiting from 777 Spa

In 2014 Columbus, Ohio couple Haeng Ki “David” Kim and Nam Sook Kim filed for bankruptcy.  As part of their filings, they were required to list all sources of income. They filed the below:

The entity related to 777 Spa, S & TS Ocean Springs, Inc. was created on October 11, 2011.  The company was dissolved by the owners on December 23, 2013.  This is relevant as the federal indictment for Jackie Hwang only covers periods from August 2012 to December 2013.

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Two Held on Prostitution Charges

The Jackson County Sheriff’s department has held Chan Y Martin, 41,  and Young Ha Kim Carlton, 39, on a misdemeanor charge of prostitution.

Chan Y Martin
Young Ha Kim Carlton

Given the age and surnames of the women, it is unlikely they are the victims of human trafficking. They are likely citizens or permanent residents who were previously married to American servicemen in Korea and followed them home to America. Sometimes these servicemen were unwitting victims in a ploy for citizenship, sometimes the women were victims of abusive relationships, and other cases have found where servicemen were compensated to enter into sham marriages in order to facilitate a green card.

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UPDATED: Former Trustee Strickland’s Tenant Raided in Human Trafficking Sweep

JJ Spa on Washington Ave. in St. Martin was raided today by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney Tony Lawrence, and federal law enforcement agencies on allegations of prostitution and human trafficking. Doug Walker with WLOX reports this is as a result of year long investigation. The spa rents space from Eagle Express, LLC and is located in Eagle Plaza.  Eagle Express is owned by former SRHS trustee Morris Strickland.

Alleged prostitution activity at the location has been documented on several online review sites where customers rated the women, discussed specific acts, and compared prices. The business was open into the early morning hours.Customers also discussed the rotation of women between different states and locations.


WLOX appears to have captured Mr. Strickland reviewing lease documents. Note the eagle sculpture and jewelry that Mr. Strickland is fond of wearing.

Read Warren Kulo’s story in the Mississippi Press

WLOX Story on Spa Raid

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JCSO Press Release on Lake George Brouhaha



On 27 Nov. 2015, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to 4300 Highway 614, in reference to a fight call at the East Central Community Center.

On arrival Deputies found all parties involved, in the fight, had been separated from one another. Sabrina Jean Smith, Elvis Mark Cumbest and Eddie Ray Manning were attending the Lake George Community meeting when the altercation took place. During the meeting a heated argument occurred with yelling and name calling between Ms. Smith and Mr. Cumbest took place leading to a physical altercation and Mr. Manning joining in the fight.

All parties involved were provided a case number so they may pursue charges through Justice Court for Simple Assault

Sheriff Mike Ezell


How to File an Ethics Complaint and Help Stop Lake George

According to the laws of this state, Barry Cumbest should not have any say in the Lake George proposal:

No public servant shall use his official position to obtain pecuniary benefit for himself other than that compensation provided for by law, or to obtain pecuniary benefit for any relative or any business with which he is associated. Miss. Code §  25-4-105(1)


This should be exactly why Barry Cumbest is taking heat, despite cousin Mark Cumbest’s  vituperative protestations. Despite his feelings that these are “personal attacks,” it is cousin Barry who sought public office and should be held to account.

We commend the efforts of those circulating a petition, but it might be time to kick it up a notch. In the tradition of this state, petitions and public initiative are held in great disdain. There is a forum where the civic and environmentally-minded in this county might seek redress: the Mississippi Ethics Commission (MEC). Despite the toothless and political nature of the commission, we detail how to proceed:

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Elvis’ Greatest Hits

The scene from Tuesday’s meeting on Lake George was one that could have been set In the Ghetto. Elvis Mark Cumbest (his full name) probably wants to Make the World Go Away today after “the slap heard ’round Jackson County” left him All Shook Up. The Trouble started when Cumbest began his Harum Scarum address to the audience, for some it was simply Too Much. It appears many had Suspicious Minds regarding the potential profits for the Cumbest family. With the people of Jackson County Catchin’ on Fast, answers to questions were in short supply.

Mark Cumbest currently serves on two state boards: the Mississippi Real Estate Commission and the Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association. He was appointed by Gov. Haley Barbour and re-appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant. Cumbest has donated to and helped fund-raise for both.


A Suggestion to the New JCBOS

District 5 Supervisor-elect Randy Bosarge recently discussed his ideas on making the BOS meeting more open to the public. He mentioned the possibility of evening meetings and technology to give more citizens a chance to attend and participate in meetings.

In our own state we have a wonderful example of technology being used to preserve every word, breath, mumble, and eye-roll of a meeting.  You can see an example from the Rankin County Board of Supervisors meeting below.


Wouldn’t it be nice to see this live, clear, streaming video from anywhere in the world?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an instant record of who said what?  Wouldn’t it be nice to always know your supervisor can be held accountable to his words and votes?

Technology to do this is not expensive. The BOS should encourage all other boards to use the county board room and this video system of record keeping. Then you will know exactly what happened at each and every board that is tasked with spending taxpayer money.  You can find a list of boards and commissions here.


New Board of Supervisors Should Make Transparency Efforts

When the new Jackson County Board of Supervisors meets in 2016, one of the first orders of business should be to adopt a new policy on transparency and openness. For too many decades the board has found itself in disgrace due to the hidden actions that benefit only a few.

The new board should make earnest and forthright progress. They can begin by moving public comments to the beginning of the meeting.  What is the point of public input after votes have been taken?

A second step would be to put all agenda items and documents online prior to the meeting. Consent agenda, claims docket, and everything that will be in the supervisors packet should be available online for public review.

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Wilkinson & Welding Rods, Williams & Westinghouse

“When you have a conspiracy, everyone is tied to the conspiracy. Those who come early. Those who come late.” -Richard Scruggs to District Judge Kathleen O’Malley


In the early 2000s the Mississippi mass tort landscape was in upheaval.  The legislature was busy at work on tort reform, intent on slowing the rise of “jackpot justice.” Tobacco litigation was over, already having been memorialized in the 1999 film The Insider.  Mike Moore was handing over the reins of the AG’s office to Jim Hood. Scruggs was downsizing his operation and was selling his office building to Dogan & Wilkinson (D&W).

Asbestos defense work, Wilkinson’s bread-and-butter, was providing a steady stream of billable hours and trial lawyers were gearing up for Asbestosis the Sequel: Silicosis. By way of asbestos defense work, some of Wilkinson’s clients became silicosis defense clients, but that steady stream of billable hours was nothing in comparison to the bounties the pirates over at the plaintiffs firms were taking home. The winds were changing and D&W picked up the scent wafting across the Pascagoula River to their Delmas Street offices.  That wind carried the fumes of welding rods and to the ambitious lawyers at D&W, that smelled liked money.

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If You Can’t Trust a Trustee…

If you can’t trust a trustee, who can you trust?

Governor Ross Barnett


Special Fiduciary Steve Simpson set off alarm bells over here at SRHS Watch HQ with his comments on WLOX. That caused the staff to start digging and since Simpson ran against Jim Hood for attorney general last go-around, we didn’t have to dig too deep. We are grateful to the reporters and publications who have already clear cut a path of research that calls in question Simpson’s suitability as a Special Fiduciary.

Statements to WLOX

Simpson is now part of the campaign to change the definitions and hallmarks of this case.  Echoing attorney Jim Reeves, Simpson explains that retirees will get 100%, but that 100% only means 100% of the missed payments by Singing River.  In the year-long battle, the rallying cry for retirees has been 100% – meaning 100% of their promised retirement benefits.  Special Master Britt Singletary should have reasonably known that a statement to retirees to sleep easy, as “very shortly, there’ll be an announcement and it will be 100 %” would be misleading. The campaign continues under Simpson’s stewardship.