JCSO Press Release on Lake George Brouhaha



On 27 Nov. 2015, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to 4300 Highway 614, in reference to a fight call at the East Central Community Center.

On arrival Deputies found all parties involved, in the fight, had been separated from one another. Sabrina Jean Smith, Elvis Mark Cumbest and Eddie Ray Manning were attending the Lake George Community meeting when the altercation took place. During the meeting a heated argument occurred with yelling and name calling between Ms. Smith and Mr. Cumbest took place leading to a physical altercation and Mr. Manning joining in the fight.

All parties involved were provided a case number so they may pursue charges through Justice Court for Simple Assault

Sheriff Mike Ezell

1 thought on “JCSO Press Release on Lake George Brouhaha”

  1. My grandfather always told me you could never deal with the Cumbest family an expect any honesty from them.When they had the sawmill they took advantage of many older folks by undervaluing the timber they purchased and would also underestimate the amounts being cut. Grandpa went to his grave still mad as hell over the last lake built that the Cumbest family was involved in and the taxpayers paid for at the Ms. Power plant on 63. This was sold as a recreational body of water that was to be open to the public and would also be utilized by the new power plant. Once completed an 8′ fence topped with barb wire was erected with “KEEP OUT” signs every few hundred feet. How many acres did the Cumbest family own that was sold as part of that deal? Several hundred best I remember. Of course, most are aware of the Lum Cumbest felony conviction for stealing the taxpayer’s money back in the late 1970s and 80s.No telling how long this went on but probably all the way back to when Lum’s father was a Jackson County supervisor.Now Barry Cumbest gets his turn to sell more family land by pushing Lake George.When he is speaking to the public he is caring on the family tradition of lying to the taxpayers. Barry Cumbest was taught so well by his own father and grandfather.. At the Lake George meeting Mark Cumbest got what most of the people in Jackson County would like to give him.He is cut from the same crooked Cumbest clan cloth.

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