This site is dedicated to documenting:

  • the actions of Singing River Health System that put at risk the pensions of over two thousand plan participants
  • efforts to improve the financial footing of SRHS
  • corruption and malfeasance at SRHS
  • the local political ecosystem that gave rise to the current problems

We hope this site will be a resource for all parties.  Submission of documents, biographical information on parties, background information, et cetera are much appreciated.

We will publish any response from any group or person listed on this site on the appropriate entry, so long as it meets our commenting policy.

Incomplete Articles

Readers are encourage to comment on any post if they have information to share or contribute.  Biographical and background articles will be updated from information contributed in the comments section.  BOLD RED TEXT indicates information that is incomplete or believed to be accurate, but requiring attribution or confirmation.

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