Jackson County Needs a Modern Mike Moore

There are those readers who remember the day when a young whipper snapper who didn’t know his place got elected to the position of district attorney in Jackson County.  The under 30 Mike Moore set out to stop corruption dead in its tracks.  He wasn’t deterred.  Even in the face of defeat, he continued to find novel methods under which to prosecute corrupt county officials.

Thirty years have passed.  “The godfather” Eddie Khayat is but a memory, the least of Lum Cumbest’s progeny now fills his seat, but there remains no man who can fill the shoes of Mike Moore during that time.

You have all seen the records of who filled Tony Lawrence’s campaign coffers. You know who his boss was before he was elected to DA. You understand the reasons why he won’t even attempt to prosecute a case as it relates to Singing River Health System.

Mississippi’s mail fraud statute is very broad, as we have previously reported.

The time has come for Jackson County to demand a district attorney who will stand up to corruption, whether it comes in the form of a sheriff or a hospital executive.

The time is now. Mark it down. Tony Lawrence must go.

If he isn’t willing to do his job now, he should go ahead and resign. Call his office and let him know that if he isn’t willing to fully prosecute corruption in Jackson, George, & Greene Counties, it is time to move on.

Here are his offices’ phone numbers:






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Understanding the Good Ole Boy System: Steve Simpson Gets a Job

We have already told you about how Steve Simpson admits that he is lazy in reading the fine print and doesn’t understand how mortgages work. He is an attorney, remember. We have already told you with an income of $138,000+ he still couldn’t pay his property taxes on time, but could afford a 42 foot boat.

Simpson has no real pension or trust experience, little complex litigation experience, and limited commercial experience.  Most of his experience has been in criminal matters. (Ironic?)

So how did Simpson get the job?  He was appointed in by an outsourced judge (called a special master.)  Outsourced judges are brought in when matters are so complex that it would completely overwhelm one judge, or sometimes because the judge is extremely lazy.  That Special Master was Britt Singletary.   We’ll come back to Singletary in a minute.


SRHS Insider Raises Issues About Anderson, Where Retirement Money Went

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Winston Churchill.

The taxpaying citizens of Jackson County, Mississippi will be the people footing the bill for the failures and white collar crimes at Singing River Health System. The retirement scandal is not the only crime that was committed against the citizens of this community. This story began years before the retirement fund was robbed by the Leadership at Board of Trustees at SRHS.

In 1998/99 Chris Anderson helped lead the charge for a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) on the Coast. Does anyone else remember Mississippi Select? It never got off the ground and costs the health care systems on the Coast millions of dollars. Why did it not succeed? Two words – Chris Anderson.

Chris then went about attempting to build a WORLD CLASS HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. I’m not sure what business school Chris went to but he must have missed most of the semester while he was planning Christmas parties, ski trips, System ‘retreats’ in Alabama and multiple other grandiose meetings and schemes.

However, Chris did find the time to attempt to build an Empire:


Why Won’t Steve Simpson Return Retirees’ Calls?

Apparently Steve Simpson has Seaquestered himself away from having to deal with the pension holders he chose to serve. SRHS Watch has received reports from retirees that Steve Simpson won’t return their calls.  They have called on numerous occasions, never to have their calls returned.  We do know of Simpson returning at least one employee’s call several weeks ago.

Maybe Simpson should send out a press release to the local media with the updated financials.  Maybe he could sit down with WLOX and give an update on what is happening with the plan.  Explain what the financials look like after the first quarter.  Explain what the path forward is after the settlement.

We encourage you to try to get Simpson on the horn.  You can call him at 228-265-6990.  You can e-mail him at 

If he returns your call and gives you updated numbers on the pension, let us know.

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Will the Plan Be Revealed?

Publisher’s note: Please read this carefully and with great consideration. This is a sensitive subject and may cause some to think we are attempting to induce fear or panic. We are not. We do not publish these reports and documents without due deliberation. There are facts that we can no longer conceal; someone must stand up before it is too late. 

As we stated in our previous post, SRHS’ plans must be revealed.  Since the beginning, SRHS has worked to sow discord between employees and retirees under the theory of divide and conquer. The number of active employees in the plan is greater than the number of retired members.  SRHS was in a perfect position to coercively influence their employees against any plan litigation. Indeed, one of the smallest plaintiffs’ groups is made up of active employees.

The largest number of plan members are middle aged. Retirement for them is too far away on the horizon to be worried about squabbling and litigiousness.  Right now they are focused on raising kids and getting them off to college, and not as concerned with retirement that is 25+ years away.  There is also the idea that there is time for younger and middle aged plan members to recover, so any loss at the hands of SRHS may be made up by future promotions or raises.

Singing River has been working very hard to keep its current employees working under the belief that the settlement is the only way to save Singing River.  That if only a settlement is crammed through can things improve.  This is not true.

As we stated the other day, even if SRHS’ future pension liability is zero, the system would still struggle.  As evidence, look to the last five years where SRHS has paid nothing into the plan.  They are still not meeting the financial requirements of the bonds.

Though things have improved, they have not improved enough.


Sally Struthers for the WFWF

These three developers are having a tough time.  They got millions from federal programs to help them build a hotel and develop the surplus land into outparcels. They got capital injections from foreign investors whose only return on investment requirement is a green card. They got low cost, preferential loans under another federal program.

The cash flow from the hotel now isn’t enough to cover the debt service.  So in January, they went to BancorpSouth and took out a five year loan for $795,000 against the unsold La Font outparcels. Apparently that isn’t enough either, so they have gone back to city hall for another hand out.

Won’t you call city hall today?  Won’t you donate more of your tax dollars to subsidize these three developers?  Won’t you?


2013 Transamerica Pension Valuation Report

This is a pension valuation report provided by Transamerica to Singing River Health System’s CFO Lee Bond.  It is one of the many thousands of documents that Singing River wishes you not to see.  With the passage of SB 2407, such documents should now see the light of day.

Click here to download the 28 page PDF.


Opinion: The Plan Must Be Revealed

SRHS Watch has received several hundred pages of documents from various sources during the course of the last year.

Even at this late juncture, the extent of the problems are not fully appreciated by most.

Singing River will not publish the latest pension numbers they had.  Steve Simpson will not either. Billy Guice has even complained about Simpson’s denying him current numbers.

There are pension reports that explained the situation independent of the pension audit.  Those will not be shown to the public.

You have to ask, why?

There is a plan folks.  There are recommendations that have been made, but that will not be implemented until the settlement is approved.  SRHS upper-management and attorneys are too afraid of the settlement falling through if all the necessary changes are implented prior to approval.  They have skated for well over a year without making the necessary structural changes.

The JCBOS is still getting the mushroom treatment (kept in the dark and fed manure) by their attorney. Yet they illegally voted in secret to keep him on the job.

Even certain newly appointed SRHS trustees are threatening bankruptcy if the settlement isn’t pushed through.

Resolution of the pension issue WILL NOT make or break Singing River.  Think about it: SRHS hasn’t paid into the pension plan in years and IS STILL NOT DOING WELL.  Even if there was zero pension liability, SRHS would still need to make massive structural changes to survive.

We will begin publishing documents this week.  There is no longer reason to sit on them.  The need for truth and light and the public interest compel publication.


Shakin’ & Bakin’ at San Destin

Developing: Early confirmed reports are that Singing River Health System hosted a conference at the Hilton San Destin resort this weekend.  We will bring you details as the story develops.


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