2013 Transamerica Pension Valuation Report

This is a pension valuation report provided by Transamerica to Singing River Health System’s CFO Lee Bond.  It is one of the many thousands of documents that Singing River wishes you not to see.  With the passage of SB 2407, such documents should now see the light of day.

Click here to download the 28 page PDF.

5 thoughts on “2013 Transamerica Pension Valuation Report”

  1. So I wonder if the CFOs secretary listed her business on the conflict of interest questionnaire. I’ll bet the balance of my pension that she didn’t. I’m sure it was just an oversight and no harm was ever intended. Oops -I cannot help but wonder did she learn that from her boss or is she just naturally sneaky…

    1. Can you share more details on this? You can use our form under the “About” section to submit it privately.

  2. Maybe I am mistaken. Just because someone has an LLC doesn’t necessarily mean they have to disclose it, right? [Redacted – An],LLC would not necessarily have to be listed on the conflict of interest form or would it?

  3. I think it’s a shame that support staff are being dragged into this mess. These are people just like us, working to make a living. They have no say in any of this. Please consider that before making posts. Just because they work for who/what we consider the “enemy” doesn’t mean they are our enemy. Focus.

    1. Agreed. It seems the commenter in question realized his error before your replied, both were caught in moderation queue.

      Most of what people send in regarding support staff is irrelevant. There are a few times when it should be relevant, the biggest of which is if someone’s spouse or family member is getting preferential treatment based on their position. Based on the information sent privately there doesn’t seem to be any SRHS connection.

      There was a certain culture at SRHS of “keep your head down and down say anything.” The pendulum may now be swinging too far the other way with skepticism. Don’t be fooled for a minute that the settlement will bring an equilibrium to the employees or work culture. It will be just the beginning.

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