Attorneys File for Big Fees in SRHS Pension Case

You can bring your enemies to their knees
With the possible exception of the North Vietnamese.
It takes a strong hit from the money machine

James Taylor – Money Machine

Jim Reeves and co. have filed for approval of the final settlement with Singing River Health System.

They also have an extensive filing in support of their $6.5 million fee.

Read the documents here:

Plantiffs’ Motion for Final Settlement

Memo in Support of Motion for Final Settlement

Motion for Fees

Memo in Support of Motion for Fees

Exhibit 1 – Settlement Agreement

Exhibit 2 – Affidavit of Jim Reeves 

Exhibit 12 – Kevin Holland Memo 

Exhibit 24 – Affidavit & Resumes of Experts 

Exhibit 28 – Affidavit of Steven Nicholas

Exhibit 34 – Affidavit of Expert Stacey Cummings

Many thanks to the contributor who passed these documents along.


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