October 2015

Simpson Donors Have Links to SRHS, Scandals

Reviewing the list of donors to Special Fiduciary Steve Simpson’s 2011 campaign for AG yielded some interesting names. Franke & Salloum, attorneys for SRHS donated $1,000 Richard Salloum of Franke & Salloum donated $1,000 Ben Galloway of Owen, Galloway, & Myers, firm representing Roy Williams donated $250 Armin Moeller of Balch & Bingham, attorneys for …

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Singletary Should Disclose Potential Conflicts

A judge should disclose on the record information that the judge believes the parties or their lawyers might consider relevant to the question of disqualification, even if the judge believes there is no real basis for disqualification. Commentary on Code of Judicial Conduct Canon 3(E)(1)   Minutes of the Mississippi Gaming Commission, May 17, 2007 …

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Is Simpson Qualified to Oversee Pension?

SRHS Watch is working on a thorough profile of newly appointed Special Fiduciary Steve Simpson. Simpson is a Gulfport attorney who previously ran for attorney general. During his run for office, reporting by the Clarion Ledger revealed that nearly $5,760 in property taxes had gone unpaid on Simpson’s $378,000 home. Simpson explained that he re-financed the home …

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A Preview

Fear not loyal readers of SRHS Watch.  As our friend over at  Slabbed  has noted before, “when a muckraker is quiet it means they are up to something.” We leave you with this morsel upon which to whet your appetite: “When you have a conspiracy, everyone is tied to the conspiracy. Those who come early. …

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Break the Tradition

It’s time for some Jackson County family traditions to end. Over the next two months SRHS Watch will begin to lay out a course of action for those who seek answers and justice.  Beyond the courts and the ballot box there are other remedies available to you.