McKay Endorses Williams

John McKay, having suffered a massive defeat in the August Republican primary, is now endorsing the independent candidate for District 5 Supervisor, Allen Williams.  This should be a clarion call to those who campaigned so hard against McKay and the incumbents. McKay is said to have hosted a fundraiser for Williams Monday night.

McKay is a long-time Republican who was supported by the Jackson County Republican establishment including Bill and Scott Walker and Joe Cloyd.  McKay was in such trouble during his mayoral race against Connie Moran that Governor Phil Bryant had to be called in for an endorsement. Now he claims that has never been a partisan.

McKay points to Williams’ support of tax breaks for the likes of Gentry Williams, Jim Estabrook, Chevron, and the Angolan state dictator-owned oil company, on the backs of Jackson County homeowners. McKay also notes that Troy Ross is facing losing his seat.

The endorsement of Williams struck some as odd given Williams comments on the night of McKay’s defeat:

Beyond claiming to never have been a partisan, McKay goes on to attack the Republican candidate who trounced him with a majority of a thee-way ticket in the primary.  He attacks Bosarge on two points:

  1. Bosarge would like to see the pension crisis solved before he is sworn in.  McKay’s point here is muddled – Does McKay support the issue dragging on longer than necessary?  Everyone in Jackson County was hoping the issue would be resolved before 2016.
  2. Bosarge would take initiative in the first meeting to find answers. McKay attacks Bosarge’s statement of (paraphrasing) “the first meeting will be a long one because no one is leaving until we get it fixed.”  McKay’s concrete nature seems not to allow appreciation of hyperbole. Nevertheless, the statement by Bosarge is reminiscent of a story Uncle Remus told us.

Back when Uncle Remus was a young buck, an upstart downstream oil man came to the Marion Refinery in Theodore. Uncle Remus kept association with the oil man, who was a world-class negotiator.  The oil man had an intractable dispute on a deal he was putting together.  The oil man preferred to be on his own turf, but the other side would only meet in their attorney’s offices.  Despite being in hostile territory, he took control, looking everyone in the room in the eye telling them “bring this deal back to life or crush it out of existence. No one leaves the room until one or the other has happened.  There are trashcans in the corners for urinals.”

The deal was completed in  72 hours.


Read McKay’s full post below:



13 thoughts on “McKay Endorses Williams”

  1. I just wonder if Allen Williams is going to dress as John McKay for Halloween this year? Looks like he is already acting like him. First, McKay recruits Louie Miller in an attempt to take votes away from his main challenger Bosarge.We know how that worked out for him.Now he is out raising money and campaigning for the “independent” Obama endorser. While I have no problem with him supporting Obama, I do think he should be honest about how much time he is spending with John McKay and what kind of promises he is making.Has he promised to overlook any wrong doing that may be discovered? I do not believe many think that we the citizens are best served by having any candidate being taught McKay’s bad leadership habits.My god,in the past year McKay has been linked to some pretty serious situations like the DMR scandal,the illegal dirt pit in Vancleave,the manipulation of Ocean Springs High School contracts,the new Jackson County Jail Chris Epps situation and more. Do we want somebody to replace McKay who has been getting private tutoring at McKay’s house on how to continue his style of mismanagement? I say hell no. No Way McKay and anybody he endorses. What do you think Grandpa?

    1. My husband and I believe the same way you do Tommy . We do not need any one in the BOS like Mckay. Let’s all support Randy Bosarge for BOS next Tuesday. He’s the man for the job.

  2. All Allen L.Williams needs now to ensure a “John McKay Style Loss” is to have the governor, and the board of aldermen from Ocean Springs endorse him. McKay had more politicians pulling for him than anybody I remember in past campaigns.He also collected more money from his cronies than his opponents. All of this to get trounced.Now he is helping Allen L. Williams to do the same.You would think by watching Williams on TV he smarter is than this. Of course we know McKay is not smarter than this. He has gone from being a humiliated loser to a poor loser and continues to be a buffoon.I predict he helps Allen L. Williams get about 20% of the vote and for this we should thank him.Of course McKay may be smarter than the majority of people think and could be doing all of this to help Bosarge get elected. Either way he needs to accept his rejection and move on to his new CONsulting job.

  3. y’all are misjudging Mr Williams … I served with him in the Air Force … He is his own man … and believes in the philosophy that “… the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend [ but i will use him in any case ]… ”
    Williams has not readily accepted McKay’s support but to defeat the ‘Machine’ behind McKay and Bosarge, he will use the mckay voter support …

    1. Sorry GATO but that dog will not hunt in this election. The more appropriate philosophy phrase you may want to use is ” Birds of a feather seem to flock together”. While Williams may think he is using McKay it is quite the opposite.McKay and his small group of supporters desperately need their man in office to keep the trough full and the FEDS away.Williams just happens to be the only one that took the seed money.They sure must think Allen Williams is the right choice for this purpose.If,as you say,Williams is his own man he should stand up at this afternoon’s rally they are having and denounce McKay’s crooked dealings. Or he can continue to appear that he is being bought and paid for by the same people who own McKay. This association is sure give him many regrets tomorrow night about 10pm when the election results are announced.

  4. No more McKay and cronies thievery!

    Professionally, Williams seems to be unable to rise to anything beyond “entry level” or even hold a job for very long nor get one that his skin color doesn’t at least in part assist in him getting. John McKay is nothing but a lying crook who has sucked on the public tit for so long he has nipple marks on his teeth. Here’s the problem: McKay, being the piece of s— that he is, may be supporting Williams knowing full well that it will hurt him because Bosarge will help keep McKay’s lips on the tit. On the other hand, McKay may be currying up to Williams hoping that Williams will be stupid enough to toss McKay some slop if he gets elected.

    Here’s the sad part, given the choices, the Jackson County folks in McKay’s district are almost certainly going to f—— over regardless of who manages to con the most voters because whichever of these sorry failures manages to get elected, the same good ol’ boy crony crowd of real tit-sucking experts down in Jackson County will still be really running the show.

  5. You can not say Allen Williams was not warned. I feel certain the victory celebration he held at the Iron Skillet was lightly attended.As I previously predicted, John McKay became his ticket to being on the wrong end of a landslide. Did Allen Williams really think a McKay endorsement would turn out any other way? Now that we are soon to be rid of the all things wrong ringleader on the JCBOS we need to all send a message to the incumbents we are stuck with that the BS on the BOS needs to stop and the people’s business will now be center stage. Ross and Cumbest are lucky to be still in place based on the their performance over the last year. Maybe without McKay they will become something they have not been and that is honest, transparent, elected servants.

    1. It will be interesting to review the campaign finance reports to see how much the McKay Good Ole Boy Network dumped in the last week.

      1. I would be willing to bet my prize bull that if you looked a little you would find Mallette Paving money, Jimmy Lane Construction money, Jerry St.Pe money, Morris Strickland money and more known McKay supporters who ponied up at McKay’s request. I bet those television commercials and billboards were very expensive. If you get the reported contributions please post who financed poor old Allen Williams. I got a blind squirrel in my yard that could have seen how this was going to turn out for Williams.

        1. Can confirm Jimmy Lane’s Little Bluff LLC put $2,000 in the pot, Jerry St. Pe chipped in $500. The fundraiser for Williams was held after the cut-off date for reporting, so it will be a while before those reports are filed. Williams loaned his campaign $10,000 at the beginning of October. The fundraiser would have helped pay him back.

  6. No more McKay and cronies thievery!

    And how does that “invective” sound long about now? Folks don’t seem to listen to calm reasonable explanation.

    1. Folks rarely read past the headlines. Your comments and insight are usually worth a full post. Don’t want ribaldry or saltiness to detract from the cause.

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