Simpson Donors Have Links to SRHS, Scandals

Reviewing the list of donors to Special Fiduciary Steve Simpson’s 2011 campaign for AG yielded some interesting names.

  • Franke & Salloum, attorneys for SRHS donated $1,000
  • Richard Salloum of Franke & Salloum donated $1,000
  • Ben Galloway of Owen, Galloway, & Myers, firm representing Roy Williams donated $250
  • Armin Moeller of Balch & Bingham, attorneys for Transamerica Retirement Systems donated $500
  • Eagle Express, LLC, owned by former SRHS trustee Morris Strickland donated $500

Of note:

  • Lumpkin & Reeves, PLLC donated $2,500 – this firm is the predecessor to Reeves & Mestayer. Jim Reeves represents one group of plaintiffs in SRHS litigation.

Recall Brett Williams statement to April Havens in the Mississippi Press, “Singing River Health System and certain plaintiff’s attorneys have agreed to an order governing the administration of the retirement plan and trust.” [Emphasis added]

Slabbed has more analysis of Simpson’s fitness as a fiduciary.

UPDATE: Simultaneous to this post’s publishing a commenter “Nursing the Blues” left the following on another post:

So I’m driving through downtown Goula this morning and see our trustee, Simpson, outside Dogan and Wilkinson chatting with Plaintiffs attorney, Reeves!!! Wonder why they’d all be there? Surely nothing shady…

Unrelated to Singing River, but of interest to document the good ole boy network are:

  • Sean Anthony, convicted felon who bribed Harrison County supervisor Kim Savant, donated $5,000
  • Joe Cloyd’s Frontier Strategies, LLC donated $5,000
  • Joe Cloyd’s Cottages at Oak Park, LLC donated $1,000







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