July 2015

Troy Ross Finally Submits Disclosures

District 4 Supervisor Troy Ross finally submitted his Statement of Economic Interest yesterday.  The filings covered 2011-2013, with the 2011 filing coming over four years late. The filings are not currently available until the Mississippi Ethics Commission reviews them and releases them to the public. The process usually takes a few business days.

Cisco Aguilar Responds to Guice’s Claims of Impossibility

Editor’s Note: Retiree Cisco Aguilar has been a thoughtful and reasoned observer and critic of the Singing River Health System pension debacle. Mr. Aguilar shares his thoughts on the most recent developments between SRHS and the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. In a July 7th press release and again during the July 20th Board of …

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Is This OK?

Are elected officials allowed to use county owned fax machines and e-mail addresses for partisan campaign activities? Of note:  the Mississippi Ethics Commission website still shows no Statements of Economic Interest filed for Ross from 2011-2013.  The 2014 report has not been updated to add deficient information.

While the JCBOS is Dogging The Sun Herald…

The JCBOS and various supervisors have made statements regarding the veracity of The Sun Herald’s reporting, attacking the paper for having a bias aginst the board, and claiming that The Mississippi Press is the only media outlet that can report the facts correctly. SRHS Watch has long observed the sporadic nature of which The Mississippi Press publishes …

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Strickland Depo Prep: Part I

Former SRHS Trustee Morris Strickland is set to be deposed in the pension plan litigation tomorrow at 9 a.m. SRHS Watch has undertaken a review of Strickland’s business ventures in search of potential conflicts. Some background on Strickland from a 2007 biography in The Sun Herald: