Troy Ross Finally Submits Disclosures

District 4 Supervisor Troy Ross finally submitted his Statement of Economic Interest yesterday.  The filings covered 2011-2013, with the 2011 filing coming over four years late.

The filings are not currently available until the Mississippi Ethics Commission reviews them and releases them to the public. The process usually takes a few business days.

3 thoughts on “Troy Ross Finally Submits Disclosures”

  1. He has not submitted this information since he was first elected supervisor and nothing is to be done about it? The Ms.ethics website says this is a crime and also carries penalties up to $10,000. Who enforces these laws,other politicians? How can someone be allowed to run for re-election when they have not complied with the rules for 4 years? I guess this is part of the incumbent advantage. Wonder if he owns any Chevron stock Grandpa Grimm?

  2. Unethical BOS begat unethical BOT who begat unethical SRHS Administration. Morris breaking the law and calling it archaic. Roy, the attorney, looking the other way. And Chris…..

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