Issues and Unanswered Questions

SRHS is mired in a storm made up of a mountain of debt and pension obligations, mismanagement, accounting errors, malfeasance, and possible corruption.  This page will document these issues and the outstanding questions.


Why was there no audit in 2012?
Were pension funds invested in any real estate projects?
What was the decision making process to justify stopping contributions?

Negligent Accounting Practices

What were the factors that lead up to the $88 million adjustment?
KPMG: Innocent or Participant?


Examination of the collapse of SRHS clinics
Examination of the SRHS Healthplex


SRHS Board of Supervisors Resolution on SB2407
The Obstructionist Board of Supervisors

Billy Guice Investigation

Mr. Guice early on noted that “I have found some things that have made me curious and I’m going to pursue that curiosity.”  That was in January 2015. Nearly half a year later, we have no more answers.  Mr. Guice has slowly meandered down the path of obfuscation, to obstruction, to flat out stonewalling.  For all the early bluster, it certain seems the steam (and/or) the money has run out.

Lack of Follow Through

In early 2015 when all hell was breaking loose with the BoS and BoT there were lots of actions advocated by the BoS.  None have come to fruition.  Only two weeks after re-appointing Trustee Ira Polk to the SRHS Board, the supervisors asked for the resignation of all trustees.  None obliged.

Supervisor Troy Ross called for the BoT to hold open meetings.  None obliged.

Why did the BoS give up so easily?


Forget Not What the BoS Hath Wrought

Budget Requirements

MS Code § 41-13-47 (2013)

On or before the first Monday in September of each year, the said board of trustees shall make, enter on its minutes and file with the owner or owners, separately or jointly interested in said hospital, a proposed budget based on anticipated income and expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year. Such budget, as submitted or amended, shall be approved by the said owner or owners, as the case may be, which approval shall be evidenced by a proper order recorded upon the minutes of each such owner.

On or before the first Monday in March of each year, said board of trustees shall also make, enter on its minutes and file with such owner or owners, a full fiscal year report which shall contain a complete and correct accounting of all funds received and expended for all hospital purposes.

We would like to obtain budgets as filed and approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Trustees’ Duty to Avoid Conflicts of Interest

MS Code § 41-13-35 (2013)

(7) No board of trustees, individual trustee or any other person who is an agent or servant of the trustees of any community hospital shall have any personal financial interest in any not-for-profit or for-profit organization which, regardless of its stated purpose of incorporation, provides assistance in the form of grants of money or property to community hospitals or provides services to community hospitals in the form of performance of functions normally associated with the operations of a hospital.

Conflicts of Interest

Granting of contracts to Gentry Williams
BoT attorney and trustee as business partners

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