While the JCBOS is Dogging The Sun Herald…

The JCBOS and various supervisors have made statements regarding the veracity of The Sun Herald’s reporting, attacking the paper for having a bias aginst the board, and claiming that The Mississippi Press is the only media outlet that can report the facts correctly.

SRHS Watch has long observed the sporadic nature of which The Mississippi Press publishes reports on board meetings. For months after the Singing River crisis cropped up, the paper never bothered to send a reporter. When a reporter did show up, the articles appeared to be cut and pasted from the press release with little balance. There was such a dearth of balance that Singing River executives and board members spoke out.

April Havens is the only reporter on the beat for The Mississippi Press. Rather than ascribe any particular motive to Ms. Havens, your correspondent attributed any reporting irregularities to editorial pressures from superiors. That was up until this weekend when Slabbed  tweeted out an interesting Facebook post.


April Havens appearing to be very chummy with Paula Stennett Yancey and Stennett Yancey’s son.



6 thoughts on “While the JCBOS is Dogging The Sun Herald…”

  1. Is there no bottom in the sea of “good ole boys and girls”? How inappropriate for a journalist to accept gifts from the JCBOS attorney and from her son.
    While the good ole gang is scratching each other’s backs, Jackson County is liosing; the employees and retirees stand to lose everything they have worked for and no one seems to give a s-h-t about them! This is very sad!

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  3. She rode the gravy train to the show?

    Did she sing along when they did “That Smell” or is it “What Stinks?”. Think the band was Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  4. I remember when SRH was at odds with the Ms Press. So much so the Mr Lingle had news papers (distributed at no cost to all pts. by Wayne Lee) stoped from being passed out.

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