A Preview

Fear not loyal readers of SRHS Watch.  As our friend over at  Slabbed  has noted before, “when a muckraker is quiet it means they are up to something.”

We leave you with this morsel upon which to whet your appetite:

“When you have a conspiracy, everyone is tied to the conspiracy. Those who come early. Those who come late.”

-Richard Scruggs to U.S. District Judge Kathleen O’Malley in Ruth v. A.O. Smith Corp.


4 thoughts on “A Preview”

  1. The irony of this quote. One needs to look no further than Dickie Scruggs’ own political protection from early indictment(s) to find what’s gripped SRHS current situation.

  2. What conspiracy are you speaking of?
    WHO is conspiring? WHEN did it begin? WHAT do they want and FROM who?
    Speaking in generalities helps NO one. If you have something to say, please say it and get it over with. Thank you.

    1. To the pension plan participants: if you don’t understand something posted here, it is likely because you are not the intended audience. Only dogs can hear a dog whistle.

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