A Homily from St. Arthur Christopher Anderson, Patron Saint of Accounting Scandals

This was part of a recent Friday Update at Baptist Hospital in Jackson.

An updated [sic] from Baptist Health Systems President & CEO Chris Anderson:

Good Friday is the day we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. As we draw toward the end of Holy Week here at Baptist, it is a wonderful time to reflect on the privileges we enjoy as Christians living in a free society, and especially the honor of working for an organization that not only permits us to celebrate our faith at work, but one that encourages the practice of our faith. I am thankful for our Mission, for our commitment to leading in healthcare and following in faith, and for our Faith Relations and Pastoral Care team that every day support our mission at Baptist. Just in the past few days I have personally witnessed the impact that these men and women can have, in working with our staff, patients and guests, in the lives of others. We all have the opportunity each and every day to impact the lives of the people in our community and I am thankful that we have this important work to do.

You can see the full post and even leave a comment for Chris Anderson by clicking here.

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  1. Once this SRHS Watch post makes the rounds, I expect that comment option will be removed before the end of the day.

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