Opinion: The Plan Must Be Revealed

SRHS Watch has received several hundred pages of documents from various sources during the course of the last year.

Even at this late juncture, the extent of the problems are not fully appreciated by most.

Singing River will not publish the latest pension numbers they had.  Steve Simpson will not either. Billy Guice has even complained about Simpson’s denying him current numbers.

There are pension reports that explained the situation independent of the pension audit.  Those will not be shown to the public.

You have to ask, why?

There is a plan folks.  There are recommendations that have been made, but that will not be implemented until the settlement is approved.  SRHS upper-management and attorneys are too afraid of the settlement falling through if all the necessary changes are implented prior to approval.  They have skated for well over a year without making the necessary structural changes.

The JCBOS is still getting the mushroom treatment (kept in the dark and fed manure) by their attorney. Yet they illegally voted in secret to keep him on the job.

Even certain newly appointed SRHS trustees are threatening bankruptcy if the settlement isn’t pushed through.

Resolution of the pension issue WILL NOT make or break Singing River.  Think about it: SRHS hasn’t paid into the pension plan in years and IS STILL NOT DOING WELL.  Even if there was zero pension liability, SRHS would still need to make massive structural changes to survive.

We will begin publishing documents this week.  There is no longer reason to sit on them.  The need for truth and light and the public interest compel publication.

3 thoughts on “Opinion: The Plan Must Be Revealed”

  1. Preach it brothers and sisters ! I want to see the documents. I believe we all need to see the documents. Perhaps this will open some people’s eyes before it is too late

    We don’t need this so called settlement pushed through

    The JCBOS must use whatever means necessary to prevent this and do the structural changes themselves because no one else will

    The Srhs ceo and cfo and the hospital board of trustees are only looking after themselves not us, the retirees and certainly not the current employees

    Threats of bankruptcy are just that, threats. Threats to instill fear and gain control and manipulate those who are weak minded and/or afraid of their jobs

    If nothing else has been proven this has; when we all are standing together against the establishment we have strength more strength than Srhs leaders ever thought possible. We still have time to gain more warriors in our crusade to fight the evil that still walks the corridors of Srhs

    Who will join us in these last days, last hours of this epic battle of good vs evil ?

    The plan must and should be revealed

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird

    I have ask many of you the following question “Do you have an attorney yet”? To my surprise I have been told the following answers:
    • No, I am still receiving my check every month.
    • No, I need my job and they will find out and fire me.
    • No, I can’t afford to get an attorney.
    • No, I don’t want to get involved.
    • No, I don’t care what they do with the little money I have in the fund.
    • No, I don’t care. They can have my money and I will survive.
    • No, I have my spouse’s retirement and they will take care of me.
    • No, I have not been keeping up with the news. What is going on?

    All of the above responses shocked me. We each have a free will to do as we want but, this is not just about US it is about a GROUP of people. Our decision in this matter will determine the quality of life for the poorest of the 3000 in the fund.

    I do not approach this matter lightly. I now have joined the Harvey Barton and Earl Denham retirees group. Last Saturday I attended an open invitation group meeting and heard with my own ears Mr. Denham tell the crowd that he will not take a percentage of our retirement checks. He could but, he has chosen not to because he did not want to harm the retirees. I believe him. Why would an attorney make a statement like that to a large crowd of people if he did not mean it. I believe he said it because it is true and my contract did not ask me to give him any of my retirement check.

    Please do not be a bystander. Do something for your fellow co-workers and friends. Sign up and they will go to court on your behalf. Next month the judge will decide if we have our day in court or if the class action is our fate. If he chooses the latter that will mean Chris Anderson and the rest of the people involved in this scandal are free of charges. It is as simple as that!

  3. Thank you Mocking Bird. I’m glad you too are now a warrior with us

    I too have been given some of those same responses when I’ve questioned if one had an attorney

    I urge everyone reading these posts, do something now! By not doing something you really in actuality are doing something and that something is

    You are allowing people who were once your leaders to get away with breaking the law and you are helping hurt retirees and some current vested employees

    Please, do the right thing. People have fought and continue to fight hard for all of us, don’t let their good deeds be done in vain

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