3 thoughts on “Deposition of Mike Crews”

  1. I read the testimony of Mr.Mike Crews. He is a man who is dying from cancer by his own admission.His deposition was a very courteous meeting of ladies and gentlemen.He appears to have been an employee of the hospital system without an agenda outside of his position. He has my respect based on his answers even though I do not agree with his participation in the decisions not to fund the pension fund. One thing that is for sure at this point. All roads lead to Chris Anderson. He should be indicted and convicted for hundreds of counts of wire and mail fraud at a minimum. Then he should be sentenced to 99 years, which is the same amount of time he personally arranged for the term of that bogus lease for the HealthPlex building. Maybe then he would tell who really owns the out of state LLCs. I have a feeling he is one of the secret members.

  2. John Lowe, I agree

    But!!! If the proposed settlement goes through we can’t charge Andwrson with the mail fraud

    I think we all will be surprised to know who really owns those LLCs. I betcha Anderson ain’t the only one

  3. Paw, I do not agree with the proposed settlement and I hope Judge Guirola sees it for the “get out of jail free” card that it is.
    I do not think this settlement prevents criminal prosecution for fraud! Oh if we could find one just federal prosecutor who would pursue criminal prosecution of Chris Anderson and his band of thieves!

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