Shakin’ & Bakin’ at San Destin

Developing: Early confirmed reports are that Singing River Health System hosted a conference at the Hilton San Destin resort this weekend.  We will bring you details as the story develops.

3 thoughts on “Shakin’ & Bakin’ at San Destin”

  1. I read the now gone comment about this blog starting rumors. Every scandal and illegal activity I have ever witnessed started with a “rumor”. Please keep up the good work even if something you are told and decide to post turns out to be nothing more than a “rumor”.

    1. That was a comment over on the Facebook page for SRHS Hopes and it is still there. When presented with objective evidence, the former trustee’s spouse still couldn’t acknowledge the facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

      1. Wonder if Mrs. Leonard will recall that her daughter was employed at SRHS and shuffled among departments because of her poor attitude, drama, and lack of work ethic? Others would have never been hired but daddy ordered it!

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