A Suggestion to the New JCBOS

District 5 Supervisor-elect Randy Bosarge recently discussed his ideas on making the BOS meeting more open to the public. He mentioned the possibility of evening meetings and technology to give more citizens a chance to attend and participate in meetings.

In our own state we have a wonderful example of technology being used to preserve every word, breath, mumble, and eye-roll of a meeting.  You can see an example from the Rankin County Board of Supervisors meeting below.


Wouldn’t it be nice to see this live, clear, streaming video from anywhere in the world?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an instant record of who said what?  Wouldn’t it be nice to always know your supervisor can be held accountable to his words and votes?

Technology to do this is not expensive. The BOS should encourage all other boards to use the county board room and this video system of record keeping. Then you will know exactly what happened at each and every board that is tasked with spending taxpayer money.  You can find a list of boards and commissions here.

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