Elvis’ Greatest Hits

The scene from Tuesday’s meeting on Lake George was one that could have been set In the Ghetto. Elvis Mark Cumbest (his full name) probably wants to Make the World Go Away today after “the slap heard ’round Jackson County” left him All Shook Up. The Trouble started when Cumbest began his Harum Scarum address to the audience, for some it was simply Too Much. It appears many had Suspicious Minds regarding the potential profits for the Cumbest family. With the people of Jackson County Catchin’ on Fast, answers to questions were in short supply.

Mark Cumbest currently serves on two state boards: the Mississippi Real Estate Commission and the Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association. He was appointed by Gov. Haley Barbour and re-appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant. Cumbest has donated to and helped fund-raise for both.

Cumbest got into it with Sabrina Manning Smith, who opposed his cousin Barry Cumbest for District 1 Supervisor. You can see the below videos.

Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene, but at this time no charges have been filed.

As for the Lake George project? Return to Sender!


2 thoughts on “Elvis’ Greatest Hits”

  1. Very poor conduct on everyone’s part. Whoever came in at the end to hit Cumbest is the one who should be charged. No matter what Mark Cumbest may have said or done, there is no legally valid excuse/reason to punch someone who is sitting down.

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