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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post the Morris Strickland deposition in it’s entirety. This is a must read for anyone who cares anything about our county and the SR Hospital System. One would assume from his responses, given to the questions by various attorneys, that Strickland was well coached by the Williams gang prior to his day long adventure.He sounded like Sergeant Shultz from Hogan’s Heros fame, cruising on the River D’Nile aboard the sinking SS Hilton Garden Inn that needs the Pascagoula TIF money to plug the leaks!!!! He may want to check into getting a some help with his information recall from the Memory Care Residence @ Bay Cove over by his Harrison County hideout. Of course we all know he knows what the answers to these questions are. This is a well seasoned business man who does not remember how much money he put into various business deals or who he is partners are? Come on man.I was surprised that he admitted to being a customer at the JJ Spa,his Korean tenants. Attorney Earl Denham presented him with a copy of some online customer review comments about pertaining to the JJ Spa and asked if he had ever read any of them. “La La is the best there,they rotate girls every month from New York” from nobody and “they’d do a Martian if he had cash on him.I am a big,fat,old dude and they treat me like a king” from Chris are just a couple of those reviewer’s comments.He claimed to have no idea want went on at the JJ Spa, even though his office sits directly in front of this establishment. At some point the public will find out what his involvement in that cash cow really was.He also referred to JJ as a “Day Spa” knowing full well that this place of ill repute operate 24/7 with somebody’s protection.He could not even remember Yeon Sook “Jackie” Hwang’s name, even though she was his tenant for quite some time.Maybe we should give him that one.

  2. More interesting than his time at the JJ Spa are the circumstances surrounding the building called the Healthplex. Strickland could not remember the details of how it came to be or who really owned it.One attorney pointed out the this building is not owned by the hospital system but by an LLC which is owned by an LLC which is owned by an LLC.Of course Strickland,the self declared real estate heavyweight, had no idea why the binding lease was for 99 years or even what the rate/amount per month was.99 YEARS PEOPLE!!!!! He must be just not one to read the details you must assume. By his own admittance, he was only interested in how his selected investments, using the pension monies, were doing. He better prepare to defend his claim that the SRHS had no obligation to contribute any money at anytime to the pension fund.I have a feeling that the vigilant pack of scent hound attorneys pursuing everyone involved, including this old fox, will see to it he does not end up with a happy ending in this matter.To say that some people are just not who they pretend to be would be an understatement.

  3. Funny how all of these”pillars” of society and “successful” businessmen can make money for themselves and Rememver tgibgs but when it came to overseeing and managing our retirement money they didn’t give a rats ass

    I will die saying there is sometgung bigger deeper and much more sinister to this Srhs debacle and that my friends , enemies and bystanders is what they (Srhs leaders, bot, and jcbos) are willing to lie cheat steal to keep us from finding out.

    I pity them all. Not one of them can honestly call themselves a man, or gentleman God is watching them all

  4. I spent some quiet time reading the Morris Strickland deposition yesterday and must say he really sounds very cavalier.My first thought was John McKay bragging in a JCBOS meeting about Strickland being such a smart investment mind that managed the pension fund’s investment portfolio producing a 12% return. We now know that was just not true.Also his denial about having knowledge of Roy Williams son Gentry Williams being involved in the business of collecting SRHS debts and the ongoing litigation about the same, was comparable to Peter’s denial. The real reason for his desire to serve as a SRHS trustee probably was about community service in the beginning but quickly morphed into a networking opportunity he may live to regret.Once the attorneys,the law enforcement investigators,the creditors,the foreign investor’s mob style collectors and the retirees all get through with him may disappear into retirement at his camper in the woods of Greene County. I sort of want to feel sorrow for him but I just can’t.

    1. That cavalier attitude helped expose a huge weakness for SRHS’ case: he was a fiduciary and had no idea what that involved. Mestayer did an excellent job of walking Strickland down the primrose path with those admissions. It was remarkable how Strickland’s memory was foggy and answers terse during most of Denham’s questioning, but his mind was sharp and answers expansive under questioning by Mestayer. Strickland must have taken his gingko biloba during one of the many restroom breaks demanded by Roy Jr.

      Judges and juries can see right through such tactics.

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