SRHS Spends Thousands on Lobbyist

While Singing River executives and attorneys are constantly poor-mouthing, they had no problem spending nearly $50,000 on lobbying efforts last year.

SRHS has again retained the same lobbyist to represent them in this year’s legislative session.

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7 thoughts on “SRHS Spends Thousands on Lobbyist”

  1. Robbie Maxwell is my grandfather who had nothing to do with this situation. He is resting in peace and has done so much for many people so we as his family would appreciate it if you stop starting stuff about someone who is not even alive to take up for himself. how sick can you possibly be.

  2. Maybe I missed something but I do not see Robbie Maxwell’s name mentioned as a lobbyist for the hospital system if that is what ANON is referring to.I knew Robbie for a number of years, all the way back to the police department, and always thought highly of him. Something happened when he became associated with Scott Walker. Maxwell-Walker has helped a lot of people but made lots of money doing so.Fact is they would become involved with anyone who could pay no matter what a client was trying to achieve. Most believe they sold access to the DMR and the DEQ after the oil spill more than anything else. Was Maxwell involved with Walker at the city of D’Iberville? That is who the bogus invoice was from and the unearned check was made out to for the alleged consulting work to get state money for the city. Was Maxwell involved with the scheme at the IMMS to build a new facility in D’Iberville with all kinds of scooped up grant money? Maxwell-Walker was a paid consultant for both the city of D’Iberville and the IMMS at the same time.What about Maxwell-Walker’s involvement with Chris Epps at the new Jackson County Jail? What about Maxwell-Walkers involvement with Tommy Cobb’s illegal Vancleave dirt pit? I could go on but my point is there are many unanswered questions about Maxwell-Walker that the taxpaying public has a right to have answers to. Maybe Scott Walker is responsible for all of the bad and Robbie Maxwell gets credit for all of the good. Maybe not. Scott Walker could do Mr.Maxwell’s family a big favor by dedicating a chapter in his upcoming book about what really went on at Maxwell-Walker.Until all is known I am afraid the legacy of Mr. Maxwell appears to have been damaged by being a partner in Maxwell-Walker.

  3. I will buy a copy of Scott Walker’s new tell all book. He is going to make a lot of people look as crooked as he looks because being a newly released convicted felon is very lonely. Everybody already looks at him with disdain and so is going to provide others for that spotlight. On top of his current reputation he is proceeding to piss off all of his neighbors who may have been willing to look beyond his fraudulent activities.I want to read names and see weddings going at at the 435 so all will have the same opinion of this man and his rube.

  4. It appears to me that it is business as usual. We had hoped that a new Board of Trustees would begin to offer more transparency and accountability. Is the new board the same as the old board and are the administrators continuing in their sinister ways? Have the trustees attended the recent secret meetings? Or are they on unaware because the administrators continue to lack respect for those that are in governing positions? It is past time for a changing of the guard. Board of Trustees, you are our only hope to save our hospital.

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