Object and You’ll Never Walk Alone

If you are contemplating objecting to the proposed settlement, you must know that you will not be alone.  You should not fear repercussions from your employer – for that is prohibited by labor law.  You should not fear repercussions from your co-workers – many of them are also filing objections. You must do what is best for you and your family.  Will your boss or co-worker help you buy groceries in old age?  Can you depend on them pick up the slack that Singing River and Jackson County have let out?

You should not fear repercussions from your attorneys – you are their client. They have an obligation to honor your wishes.  We can tell you that attorneys who put their name on the settlement agreement will be filing several objections on behalf of their clients.

Plaintiffs, both currently employed and retired, are standing up to their attorneys and saying “No! We don’t want this deal. Try again.”

Some of those clients have been very outspoken throughout this process.

Know that if you choose to object, you’ll never walk alone.

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