Which Chinese Millionaires Will Pascagoula Taxpayers Subsidize?

LaFont Inn, LLC is asking the city of Pascagoula to assist in providing a loan for $500,000 – $1.35 million.  LaFont Inn, LLC is 25% owned by foreign investors who are seeking an EB-5 visa.  Such a visa would entitle the foreign national to a green card if they invest $500,000 and create ten jobs.  Thirteen such investors have provided $6.5 million in capital to LaFont Inn, LLC.

USCIS statistics tell us that 85% of EB-5 visas are awarded to Chinese nationals. It is common knowledge that wealthy Chinese are either corrupt government officials and their families, or businessmen who must routinely pay “tea money” to exert influence on the Communist Party apparatchiks.

Nearly every real estate development in China includes the local communist party as a partner in the development.  No doubt that Chinese investors would feel at home investing with Gentry and Roy Williams, whose development efforts included a $2.5 million investment by the city of Pascagoula.

Now these foreign investors have their hand out again, asking for the citizen taxpayers of Pascagoula for even more money. How much should they be entitled to?

Should we know who these people are?  Are they Chinese communist party officials? Are they their children? Are they party members? Have they served in the People’s Liberation Army or the PLA Navy?  Are they executives of Chinese state-owned enterprises which steal US technology?

Could they be Libyans? Syrians? Russians? Who?!

Who are the wealthy foreigners who will get the benefit on the back of the welders and shipfitters of Pascagoula?  You deserve to know.

2 thoughts on “Which Chinese Millionaires Will Pascagoula Taxpayers Subsidize?”

  1. pascagoula paw paw

    I don’t want to appear racist but with these Asian investors seems there is a direct correlation to mob crimes and more sex crimes (aka brothels similar to the 777 spa) as well as human trafficking

    Personally I am not fond of any commie. Communists. Socialists. I’m sick of them invading the country I fought hard for

  2. As time goes on you cannot help but realize how similar Scott Walker,Bill Walker,Gentry Williams,Roy Williams,Brent Williams,Morris Strickland, Jon Reynolds and Robbie Maxwell operate or operated. They all totally depend on buying access or selling access to politicians and appointed people or others in power to make their various schemes possible.Now we find out that some of these same questionable people are selling access to the USA to get the Chinese or Korean’s money in hand for the Hilton Garden Inn scheme. Should the taxpayers give another penny for something that does not work financially? I think not. Is anybody going to verify the jobs create or will the city council members accept the bogus employee numbers being thrown around by Strickland and Williams? I would think this is a requirement of any agreement before even a request for any TIF money can be considered. My blood boils when I think about what damage these men have already done and gotten away with.Time to slam on the brakes.

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