Singing River Health System Board of Trustees

Singing River Health System Board of Trustees

Members are appointed by supervisor for each district and must reside in the district for which they serve. Terms are for five years. The Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff elect hold two non-voting seats on the board.

Board President: Michael J. Heidelberg 1998-2018

Vice President: Michael D. Tolleson 2001-2016

Secretary/Treasurer: Allen L. Cronier 2002-2019

Tommy Leonard 2009-2019

Lawrence H. Cosper 2007-2017

Ira Polk 2010-2020

Scott C. Taylor February 2015 – January 2018

Chief of Staff: Stephen Nunenmacher, MD October 2012 – September 2015

Chief of Staff elect: Hugo Quintana, MD October 2013 – September 2016


Audit and Compliance Committee

Former Members

Morris Strickland

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