Jackson County Board of Supervisors

Jackson County Board of Supervisors

The board is elected by voters in Jackson County, Mississippi. The county is divided into five districts. Supervisors appoint members to the SRHS Board of Trustees from their respective districts. The BoS is responsible for overseeing the SHRS Board of Trustees.

BoS meetings have recently become contentious, as retirees attend each meeting, speak during the public comments portion, and ask questions of the supervisors.  On the advice of Board Attorney Paula Yancey, public comments were limited to three minutes per speaker and questions to the board were barred.

Attorney Billy Guice informed retirees that the board will no longer provide updates regarding BoS actions on the SRHS pension plan, due to the BoS being added to the Almond case.

Barry Cumbest:  District 1, Board President

Melton Harris:  District 2

Mike Mangum:  District 3

Troy Ross:  District 4

John McKay:  District 5

Paula Yancey:  Board Attorney

Billy Guice:  Special Counsel for SRHS matters

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