Billy Guice

William L. “Billy” Guice, III

Guice was hired by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors as special counsel to investigate the SRHS pension failure and SRHS’ continued financial viability. Guice began his quest in January with much gusto, proclaiming that he would find the culprits, if any, and leave no stone unturned. This approach was welcomed by the SRHS retirees who gather to observe and comment at each BoS meeting.  As time progressed, the relationship between Guice and the retirees broke down.  Guice totally shut down communication between the board and retirees following the addition of the BoS to the Almond suit.

Guice was instrumental in the retention of LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors to consult on the state of SRHS’ financial situation. LaPorte was to undertake a forensic examination of the pension plan, an actuarial study of the plan and viable options for preservation, and the continued viability of SRHS operations, and what structural changes might be needed.  To date, the findings of LaPorte have not been made public.

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Media Coverage

Jackson County ‘making progress’ on quest to get SRHS back on solid financial footing, attorney says” April Havens, Mississippi Press, January 5, 2015
Jackson County hires CPA firm for SRHS productivity, profitability study and pension analysis” April Havens, Mississippi Press, January 15, 2015
Jackson Co. Supervisors Give Update on SRHS InvestigationWXXV-TV, January 20, 2015
Attorney: SRHS fraud investigation has ‘found some things that have made me curious‘” April Havens, Mississippi Press, January 21, 2015
DA Tony Lawrence: SRHS under criminal investigation by his office, FBI, state auditor” April Havens, Mississippi Press, January 21, 2015
SRHS pension plan could last 60 years” Wesley Muller, Sun Herald, May 11, 2015
SRHS, Supervisors need to come clean” Editorial, Sun Herald, May 11, 2015
Jackson County supervisors working toward 60-year life on SRHS pension“April Havens, Mississippi Press, May 12, 2015
Attorney: No more reports on SRHS because supervisors name in lawsuit” Margaret Baker, Sun Herald, May 18, 2015
Jackson County sups now blame retirees for the secrecy surrounding the Singing River pension debacleSlabbed, May 19, 2015
Jackson County supervisors meet on pension, could be nothing” Karen Nelson, Sun Herald, June 1, 2015
Guest Post: The citizens of Jackson County own the Singing River Hospital System.” Maxine Ramsey, Slabbed, June 1, 2015
Supervisors: No evidence of ‘theft, embezzlement or pilfering’ from SRHS pension fund” Warren Kulo, Mississippi Press, June 2, 2015
SRHS investigation shows no evidence of theft, so far” Patrice Clark, WLOX, June 2, 2015
Jackson County supervisors find no theft or embezzlement from pension trust” Karen Nelson, Sun Herald, June 2, 2015
No Evidence of Theft From Singing River Pension Trust” Staff reports, WXXV-TV, June 2, 2015


Donna M. Ingram
Jackson County Board of Supervisors
Paula Yancey


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