Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Gary Christopher Anderson served as CEO of Singing River Health System from May 1998 until March of 2014. At the time of his exit, his tenure was hailed by members of the Board of Trustees.  It is now known that Anderson left as a result of an $88 million accounting adjustment.

He joined SRHS as the Administrator for System and Support Services in May 1997 and held that position for just over a year before his appointment as CEO.

Anderson came to SRHS by way of his employment at KPMG. There he had served as an auditor and manager from June 1986 – February 1994.




Mike Crews:  Former SRHS CFO

Morris Strickland:  Both served on board of Walter Anderson Museum of Art

John McKay:  Anderson was a donor to John McKay

Kevin Holland:  Successor

KPMG: Former employers, continued to keep them on as auditors after becoming CEO

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