John McKay

John McKay

McKay is currently seeking re-election as District 5 supervisor in Jackson County, Mississippi.  He has been a colorful figure in the SRHS pension matter, largely due to his frequent and sometimes tone-deaf comments.  He appointed Morris Strickland to the Board of Trustees.  Strickland was forced to resign from the Board as he had not lived in Jackson County for nearly three years.  McKay knew this for at least six months.  McKay appointed Scott Taylor to serve the remainder of Strickland’s term.  Both Strickland and Taylor have been listed as sponsors of McKay fundraising events.

DMR Scandal

McKay took two trips on the Silver Dollar II.

Media Coverage

SRHS retirees wear black, hold moment of silence” Karen Nelson, Sun Herald June 1, 2015



Scott Taylor: SRHS trustee, McKay campaign donor

Morris Strickland:  Former SRHS trustee, McKay campaign donor

Robert Wilkinson:  Wilkinson has been listed as sponsor of a McKay fundraising event

Jackson County Board of Supervisors


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