JCBOS Trolls, Push Polls Retirees

The JCBOS has posted a “poll” it would like retirees to fill out. It’s full of accusation, rumor, and innuendo. Highly unprofessional.

A push poll usually involves a telephone call where the caller purports to be taking a political poll. They aren’t interested in your answer, but rather want to ask a question in such a way that it sways your opinion about the candidate or issue.

Example: If you were to learn when Barry Cumbest’s father was a supervisor, he was convicted for fraud on the county and sentenced to a year in prison, would you be more likely or less likely to vote for him?


While the above statement is true, it lacks context and is intended to lead the reader to a conclusion.

The new questionnaire poses as such, but also provides an avenue to make innuendo regarding retirees wishes being harmful to current employees. It also flat out admits a question relies upon a rumor. What professional looking for true common ground and resolution would base questions on rumors?

There are two possibilities:

  1. The writer unintentionally caused harm in the poor composition, but simply lacks tact and discernment.
  2. The writer chose the words intentionally, with intent to divide.

In either case, the writer should not be trusted to handle the business of the county.

We ask that you boycott this questionnaire until it is revised to seek substantive answers and not advocate a political position during an election.

3 thoughts on “JCBOS Trolls, Push Polls Retirees”

    1. Thanks for letting us know. Didn’t Singing River have a problem with parties’ communications to the putative class?

  1. I wonder who came up with this list of questions these brilliant men are seeking answers to? Did Ross and Cumbest meet at the Cracker Barrel and brainstorm for several days? Wow,we should all be so impressed. This should further remind the public, again, why these men are useless. The Cumbest family has been know for several generations as a group of people who were gaining wealth through politics.So many things could be said about their nefarious dealings in timber,real estate,banking and holding political office. Most do not remember what happened when the Ms.Power Plant was built on Highway 63.The land where the plant and cooling lakes were built was owned in most part by that family and the public was told/sold a bunch of lies in order to get the county bonds issued.The lakes was going to be open to the public for recreational purposes. Yea,right.They will do anything for a dollar including things like the ghost equipment Lum Cumbest was renting and being paid for all of those years. The financial relationship Cumbest and Eddie Khayat carried on with convicted murderer Cody Loyd Vice is another story worth retelling. Of course, Barry is not nearly as smart as his father was. Lum was a wealthy man who fought to hold onto a $20,000. per year job as a county supervisor for the insider knowledge he had access to which in turn allowed him to make hundreds of thousands of dollars not counting the kickbacks. His father before him did the same. Barry needs to get back to living off of the family’s ill gotten fortunes and leave the county business to others.We would all be better off.

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