An Introduction to ALEC

While this story is from Georgia, the exact same process goes on and affects state and local legislation here in Mississippi.


On the local level, there are two different groups that work to influence the boards of supervisors and city councils to get favorable local legislation for corporate interests. The Singing River pension crisis has spilled over to the JCBOS and now threatens to return decision making to the people and away from corporate constituents.

If there is an issue you would like to see covered, or one which deserves more explanation, please comment anonymously below.

These are complex issues to follow. The crony capitalists hope you will lose interest. Keep watching. Keep following.

2 thoughts on “An Introduction to ALEC”

  1. Insightful and scary. This is probably the same things that happen in the Srhs bot secret meetings and how their friends always win bids or get sole source contracts

    I must concur with the majority of that change needs to occur through electing as many new board of supervisors as possible

    The next step occurs in January when they place new trustees on the hospital board

    Who will educate and orient these new board members? Surely to goodness it will not be any of the current SRHS leaders! They will only brainwash the newbies to think and believe like them

    Is there a plan in place to give proper orientation to new board members? Has anyone following this thought further ahead than just the removal of the current?

    I’d like to have a discussion about that. An action plan needs to be made

  2. Would you not love to see all of our legislators taking lessons from Ms.Power and their lobbyist, Haley Barbour, on what to put in the Baseload Act ? When these types of meetings are allowed to happen you end up with real progress like Kemper Power Plant.

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