Denham Seeks More Info from SRHS on Pension Plan and Attorneys

Earl Denham, attorney for several retirees has added 12 categories to the list of information he is seeking from Singing River Health System, bringing the total to 105.  Denham is now seeking information on:

  1. Watson Wyatt Worldwide – SRHS’ pension plan actuaries
  2. Ambulatory Services – a division of SRHS which operated clinics and surgery centers and kept a separate set of books from SRHS
  3. 501(c)3 formation documents – these would relate to the incorporation of various SRHS non-profit entities
  4. Information on bond reduction – we assume this refers to surety bonds
  5. Information on pension plan fees and expenses
  6. Pension plan bank accounts, investments, gains, and losses
  7. Information and correspondence concerning termination of the plan
  8. FiduciaryVest – investment manager for SRHS pension plan
  9. Upper Payment Limit program payments – This deals with Medicaid reimbursement
  10. Contracts and payments to Dogan & Wilkinson and Boyce Holleman & Associates – outside counsel for SRHS and Dogan & Wilkinson, respectively
  11. Contracts and payments to Franke & Salloum – outside counsel for SRHS hired to oppose Denham’s addition of Dogan & Wilkinson as a defendant
  12. Contracts and payments to Dentons – lead defense counsel for SRHS’ pension related litigation


Read the request in its entirety: Almond’s Supplemental Requests for Production […] to SRHS June 3, 2015

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