Dentons US, LLP

Dentons US, LLP

Dentons was hired in XXXX, 2015 by SRHS to lead the defense of pension plan related litigation. The Dentons team is composed of Carly Duvall, Andrea Kimball, and Martin Moderson, all of the Kansas City office. These attorneys have specialized experience in pension plan litigation. It is unclear at this time what precipitated the hiring of Dentons, as opposed to continuing to rely solely on SRHS’ regular outside counsel, Dogan & Wilkinson.

Dogan & Wilkinson continue to serve as local counsel.  When BoT attorney and D&W partner Roy Williams was added to the Almond suit, Franke & Salloum stepped into the role of local counsel.

It is also unclear whether Dentons is working on a fixed fee basis or billing hourly.


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Carly Duvall

Andrea Kimball

Martin Moderson

Roy Williams

Brett Williams

Hanson Horn

Kelly Sessoms

Dogan & Wilkinson

Fred Feeney

Franke & Salloum

Celeste Oglesby


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