Who’s Afraid of Chris Anderson?

Need a lawyer who isn’t afraid of getting answers from chris anderson?


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Before you accept a settlement, get the answers you deserve.


Under the current settlement agreement, Chris Anderson will not have to answer any questions and he will be forgiven by the court.  You will lose any rights to get answers or pursue him for justice if it is later found out he participated in any wrongdoing. Remember, he got a raise while your pension went unpaid.


This post is not authorized by Earl Denham or the Denham Law Firm.  It is posted as assertion of the rights to free speech as guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic of  Iceland and a salute to Dentons. Some truly do not appreciate freedom of the press and public scrutiny on matters of jurisprudence. We do. We invite others to our cause.

If anyone objects to this posting, our contact information is available above.

Þetta er skrifað sem fullyrðingu um réttindi til málfrelsi sem tryggð eru í stjórnarskrá lýðveldisins Íslands.  Standa this í Google þýðandi og reykja það.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Chris Anderson?”

  1. I read somewhere that Chris Anderson had signed off on the proposed settlement now in front of the federal judge. That is such an insult to all involved on the plaintiff side and the taxpayers of Jackson County. I understand that he was a defendant and this would be required.The thought that no one to date has deposed this snake is just unbelievable.At a minimum he should be put in a cage somewhere with a guard ringing a cow bell in his ear 24/7 for about 5 years.In the end, because of the others involved, he will probably not even be investigated.

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