Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition

This week and next will prove two of the most pivotal in the fight for truth and justice.  Singing River is filing multiple motions daily in an attempt to squelch free speech, step on the rights of redress, to obscure and provide cover for unconstitutional acts on the part of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors.

The volleys that are being fired from Singing River’s side indicate to this correspondent, and to others in the legal profession, that SRHS has much to be worried about.

This publication is hearing from attorneys who practice at the DEFENSE bar over the outrageous requests of SRHS and their attorneys Dentons and Dogan & Wilkinson. The motions include several personal attacks on Harvey Barton and Earl Denham.  When the record is reviewed as a whole, there emerges a pattern of disparagement of these attorneys by defense attorneys, certain plaintiffs’ counsel, and the Court.  This disparagement is designed not to cause distress to Barton or Denham, but to their clients.

Such bad actors have apparently decided that since the will of the attorneys will not be diminished, the will of the plaintiffs should instead be broken.

PAY ATTENTION:  They are counting on the fact that you tired and willing to give up the fight. They want you surrender and not get the answers you deserve.  Folks, if Roy Williams’ son can get answers over his $60,000 dispute, why can’t you get yours?

We will be providing copies of these motions and analysis as they become available.  Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition”

  1. Under the world-class leadership of Kevin Holland and Celeste reep Oglesby, singing river health system has filed a motion that would prevent earl and Harvey from filing any more lawsuits in any more courts related to the SRHS pension disaster. There would also be prohibited from filing any appeals ever related to this mess because I think SRHS wants to force them to have all their plaintiffs join Mr. Reeves.
    I wonder what genius of motion will be filed next? Do you think they will file a motion to shut down the World Wide Web? Or file to compel everyone to compliment Kevin every time he walks into a room?

  2. This just proves the theory that SRHS has a lot more caca they want to keep hidden

    I can’t believe the few people who are being represented by the attorneys across the bridge would support screwing all of the retirees and current employees who are in the plan and not wanting the ones responsible for this mess to be held accountable

    The man with the Teflon suit continues to pass Go and collect the money

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