Who’s Afraid of Chris Anderson?

A contributor writes in with some cutting questions. If any of our readers can tell us more about how Morris Strickland came to be appointed to the SRHS Board of Trustees that would help shine some light. Remember, Billy Guice didn’t want John McKay deposed. Then Britt Singletary stopped all depositions.  Singing River wouldn’t come to the bargaining table unless financial immunity for Strickland, Anderson, and the Williams were provided.    Why was John McKay afraid of Chris Anderson?


Chris Anderson was the centerpiece of every relationship in this debacle.

Why haven’t any charges been brought against him?

He was notorious for making vendors pay for lavish trips.

He guarded relationships that benefited him financially.

Has anyone ever asked if he received bonuses because of falsely reported financial information?

He brought Morris Strickland on as a Board Member and now Strickland is partners in many different ventures with people tied to SRHS.

Has anyone looked into contracts SRHS had with the Hilton Garden Inn?

Does Chris Anderson have any ownership in affiliated entities that sub contract with SRHS?

Is everyone afraid of Chris Anderson? John McKay was.

Chris Anderson is the smoking gun. It’s very obvious.

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  1. Too bad the esteemed district attorney of Jackson county never bothered to call Chris Anderson to testify before the grand jury and why did the grand jury not request one document from SRHS? A grand jury has broad subpoena power. Why did they not use that power?

    1. The timing of the report is something we have been looking at. The buck does not stop with Tony Lawrence. Jim Hood’s office could also take a look, or multiple DA’s offices around the state.

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird

    Maybe we have all been overlooking the obvious. Chris Anderson hired Lee Bond. Lee Bond might have been hired by Chris Anderson to help him sweeping some of his dirt under the proverbial rug. I am not saying Lee Bond knew about the retirement fund shortage but Chris Anderson knew about Lee Bond.
    Who knows what Chris Anderson said or, did to persuade Lee Bond to leave the Casino World and come over to his World Class Healthcare System?

    1. Just about everyone who has worked with Bond says that he is one of the few working to fix and expose things. We are informed he received quite an increase in salary to join SRHS.

      1. To Kill a Mockingbird

        It is no secret that SRHS pays men higher salaries then the ladies. Lee Bond shows favoritism toward the people he has hired since he stepped up into the CFO position (regardless of their work experience). Please go to LinkedIn and look at a few of their profiles. Hint: No management or, leadership experience but a director. For real!! Lee Bond is fixing and exposing things.

  3. Chris Anderson closed the cardiac ICU and had cardiac patients recovered in general ICU with untrained nursing staff not trained to care for complex and sterile cardiac patients. If your family member died or got infections I will testify for you

  4. Mail fraud can be prosecuted not only in the county where the document originated, but also in the county where the document was received. If anyone living in another county outside of Tony Lawrence’s district then see if your district DA will prosecute the case. If not, Harvey and Earl will provide all the documents necessary to get a conviction. Give them a call or instant message me. Mail Fraud for dummies. It has really happened. Thanks!

    1. “Mail fraud” and “wire fraud” are federal offenses. I have some thoughts on that and many other things when I can make the time. Suffice to say that a number of folks on the coast have a pretty large shoe waiting to fall.

      For those keeping track, recall that Roy Williams wasn’t with Dogan and Wilkinson until late in the game and his former partners aren’t likely interested in taking the heat for him. Morris Strickland didn’t tell the truth in his depo and there is now cold hard proof of that. Wilkinson and friends have been up to stuff for years. The whole insurance situation with Gentry Williams and Jon Reynolds and the various ramifications there, such as HIPAA, securities laws, insurance laws, etc. Scott Walker just dumped a load on a “former Governor” on coast TV/newspapers and his father just got upgraded to a new hotel room. The recently departed Ms. Oglesby, Ms. Barnes-Taylor and Ms. Yancey, who may want to try to keep their bar cards. Any number of feds could make things interesting for the gang and it could get complicated for some folks and lots of players might not be so willing to take one for “the team.”

      It may be a race to cut a deal while the deal-cutting is possible. It is a lot like musical chairs – if you don’t have a deal cut when the music stops, you will be sorry. And the music might stop at any minute. When it does, you’ll wish you had cut one while the cutting was available. Hey, if not and you do some serious time, you can always blame it on someone else when you get out…like a “former Governor”…and then you can see how many friends that plan gets you.

      Well, anyway, choose well the first time because you probably won’t get a second choice.

      1. Welcome back. Take a look at this statute and see if we are missing something: 97-19-83 – Fraud by mail or other means of communication

        1. Feds don’t play with 5 year/10K stuff. See 18 U.S.C. § 1341. And depending on the particulars, ie, Katrina money and a disaster area, it can be 30 years rather than 20, _AND_ a cool million in fines.

          That coast “investment guru” Diaz (whose wife is/was a Jackson County employee and they ran with the SRHS/Dogan & Wilkinson/Williams/McKay/Walker/Etc. crowd) who pleaded out to a count or two of wire fraud charges today (Fed court) is facing 20 years and he “only” clipped 3-4 widows. A pack of redneck white trash morons gets all RICO and it can get really unpleasant for anyone even remotely involved.

          Simply, feds triage and two things come into play: the strength of the case and dollar amount. Then, of course, politics can come into play. But once things get rolling, folks are going to jail. The only options are how long and to a lesser extent, where.

          Here’s a wrinkle – it is possible, even likely, that a whole host of the potential players’ cell phones have been stingrayed for at least 12 months and that alone will be a real problem for certain folks in Jackson County. And if what those folks are saying to feds and what they said elsewhere doesn’t match, it won’t be pleasant for them.

          If I were in the position of several of these folks, I’d get in front of it sooner rather than later because later will be too late.

  5. Did Chris and Kevin take skiing trips paid for by vendors?

    The Hinds Co DA ain’t chicken- Robert Shuler Smith would love to drag Chris out and indict him. Just give him a reason or proof.

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