OPINION: Vestiges of Corruption Cancer Remain, Must Be Removed

A lot of the players who were either complicit, confederates, or otherwise conniving in the corruption surrounding Singing River Health System and the Jackson County Board of Supervisors are now gone. Retirement saw the departure of Nebo Carter and Mike Crews. A higher paying refuge in Jackson beckoned to Chris Anderson. Downsizing and out of state moves took out Stephanie Taylor and Celeste Oglesby.

Elections shed John McKay and Mike Mangum, which resulted in the firing of Paula Yancey. A path to settlement saw the SRHS Board of Trustees overturned. You have racked up quite a score, but are still on the path to losing.

Jackson County suffers from a cancer of corruption. You the voters have applied pressure and removed several of the nodes to which the cancer has spread, but the tumors still remain: the lawyers.

At Singing River, the new board is being advised by Brett Williams. Williams earned the position not due to his great legal acumen, but by the great Mississippi tradition of nepotism.  Nothing like gettin’ to sit in daddy’s big chair.

Singing River is now suing Williams’ brother Gentry for over billing.  Gentry claims that not only did he not over bill, but that Singing River owes him more money.

Singing River retirees are suing Williams’ firm, Dogan & Wilkinson, and his father for their role in the pension scandal. They allege corruption and fraud.

It’s time for the SRHS Board of Trustees to remove the tumor. They require independent counsel that has no conflicts. It will mean nothing to have new trustees if they are being advised and counseled by someone who may wish to protect the interests of his father, brother, and firm.  They must demonstrate that they are not another rubber stamp, patsy board that will succumb to the plots of management and their counsel. Nothing sends a clearer signal than firing the last vestige of the perceived corruption on the board: Dogan & Wilkinson.


7 thoughts on “OPINION: Vestiges of Corruption Cancer Remain, Must Be Removed”

  1. Can’t the BOT remove the senior leaders? That would be a great start! If a turnaround firm is needed, then everyone director level and above need to be replaced. If not, why was a turnaround firm part of the settlement?

  2. The BOT can ask CEO to remove person but mr CEO will tell you he has no authority to remove employees. He allows his execs and directors to make hr decisions as they see fit

    I call BS on that. But that was what was told to me straight from the jack ass’ mouth

    That entire lot from director on up needs to be gone! Lets start with the nursing Vps. Aka directors and move to the good ole white boy c suiters and then let’s mosey over to hr and get rid of Ms Alaska and that baseball playa who can’t even talk in front of the employees without passing out then head straight to facilities support and kick the king of Disney right on out if the magical kingdom that is being ruled by daffy and Donald Duck

    1. I dont know the individuals involved…however I ran oilfield services from South La. to West Afrca..and Malaysia…doing 40 million in revenues and turning excellent profits. I smell a nest of rats in srhs operations.

    2. you are under a fake name because you’re too scared that everyone will find out who you really are. this is “King of Disney’s” daughter. he is a strong loving Christian who would do anything to help anyone. don’t write anything you wouldn’t put your REAL name beside.

  3. Put me over that bunch of crooks and the slate will be wiped clean and we can start over. These little creeps are disgusting.

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