Whitmore: Former SRHS Trustee

In doing some initial research, it turns out District 3 candidate Mike Whitmore served on the Singing River Board of Trustees during the late 90s. This was somewhat of a surprise as he doesn’t reference his time on the board in his experience and qualifications.

This is not a comment positive or negative, just a question that needs to be raised. There is limited time to thoroughly research the candidates in the run offs. Any information you would like to share on any candidate would be appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Whitmore: Former SRHS Trustee”

  1. This is a slight positive in his favor. Whitmore served one term and was not reappointed. If you are one of those Trustees who goes along with SRHS management, you normally get reappointed to a second or third term.

    By all accounts, Whitmore was a good Chief of Police in Pascagoula; politically astute, but beholden to no one..

  2. Out with the old and in with the new!! He worked under Lingle and Chris Anderson! I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him! NO MORE WHITMORE!!!!

  3. Mike Whitmore’s chances of winning a runoff with Taylor are now zero.He cannot supply enough information about his time on the board of trustees to create a comfort level.You can only conclude that he knew his being a past trustee was hurtful to his chances of being elected and this is why he did not bring it up.I do agree with Mr.Whitmore about how the appointment of Charles Britt was handled.He and the others who applied were lied to by all of the supervisors. These elected officials had already made their decision to select Britt prior to those pretend interviews.Another backroom deal full of lies and deceit we can thank John McKay and his trainee,Troy Ross for.Mr.Whitmore and the others deserve an apology.

  4. Michael R. Whitmore

    Yes I was a SRHS trustee in the mid 90s. nearly 20 years ago. I have been on many Boards and Committees over the past 43 years in public service. The Hospital system , during my appointment , was well managed , was financially sound and with a strong pension plan for employees. I am not concerned what was 20 years ago , I’m concerned about “NOW” !! So are the retirees!! This is not a campaign add. Please go vote for the person of your choice for Supervisor on Aug. 25th. Thanks, Michael Whitmore Cell # 381-4075

  5. I agree with Coast Ombudsman. If Mike was a “team player” like the the fools still on the board, he’d probably still be serving.

    I’m not sure his serving is even relevant when the problems with SRHS started well after his tenure. In fact it very well could make him the better choice since he has knowledge about how the board works.

    I know Mike to be a good man and he should receive just as much consideration for your vote as Ken.

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