2 thoughts on “Singing River Files Response to Supreme Court”

  1. And the dance continues… If SRHS and the JCBOS really wanted to settle this they would stop playing all of these games and make all the folks responsible for this stand up once and for all snd deal with it

    Instead they are using taxpayers miney to fight a handful of retirees

    Looks like mr ceo will keep spending the money till each of the retirees are called home to a much getter place than here on earth

    We know what ysll did. Just go ahead sbd fess up or just pay us what is rightfully ours. It really can be just that simple

  2. I see SRHS is asking the Federal court judge AGAIN to stop any progress on the state court cases. Surely the amount of money SRHS has spent on delay would have covered the cost of the case moving forward. Makes you wonder. Kick the can isn’t just a game, it’s KH’s strategy

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