JCBOS Should Move Public Comments for Tomorrow’s Meeting

Supervisor Ken Taylor has been advocating for a change in the format of JCBOS meetings.  He feels, like most Americans, that citizens should be afforded the right to speak out on votes before, not after, they happen. Taylor has proposed to move the public comments to the beginning of the meeting, just after the supervisors make their changes to the agenda.  This would give citizens an opportunity to learn about everything on the agenda and speak out before the supervisors vote.

Taylor has found support on this from fellow freshman supervisor Randy Bosarge, but the proposal has met resistance from Barry Cumbest, Melton Harris, and Troy Ross. Ross is on record saying that he has no opposition to moving the public comments on a case-by-case basis. His objection is only to creating a permanent rule on public comments.

Tomorrow presents a great opportunity to show citizens that the JCBOS is listening to them. There are several items on the agenda about which citizens would like to speak out.  One issue, the state flag, is near and dear to the heart of Supervisor Harris.  He could demonstrate that he has given every opportunity for input on the issue.

Folks, it only takes three votes for this to happen.  Supervisor Taylor could move to amend the agenda to move public comments for one meeting only.  A vote would be taken and here is how it would likely go:

  • Ken Taylor – Moves to amend agenda
  • Randy Bosarge – Second
  • Troy Ross – Aye – He will have to live up to his word
  • Melton Harris – Aye – Will he deny his constituents the right to speak out on an important issue?
  • Barry Cumbest – Aye – Why would he vote against it when the motion will carry?

The board should listen to citizens and give them a chance to be heard. Won’t you encourage your supervisor to vote the right way?


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  1. cares a lot for Srhs


    You have more eyes on you than you are aware

    It’s just so much easier to do the right thing first

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