Razzle Dazzle

HMS_KilbrideWe aren’t talking Broadway, but if you’re thinking football, you’re on the right track. Razzle Dazzle, also known as dazzle camouflage, was used during World Wars I and II in order to help defeat anti-ship measures. Since it was impossible to “hide” a ship at sea, dazzle camouflage was designed in an attempt to confuse the observer. The patterns made it difficult for the enemy to determine the ship’s speed, heading, size, type, etc.

The loud patterns call attention to the ship, draw the eye in, yet confuse the enemy. Sound familiar?


It’s becoming clear that the retirees of Singing River Health System are getting the razzle dazzle. Despite all manner of words and statements from the Board of Supervisors, there have been few actions that support them.

Take notice that now the language of Billy Guice, SRHS, and the JCBOS is now becoming focused around “saving SRHS” and preventing bankruptcy. Guice admitted to WLOX that he feels the system can weather this storm.

Let’s not allow Guice and the JCBOS to stand up straw men, just to take credit for knocking them down.

Let’s not allow the razzle dazzle to distract from the facts.


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