McKay to Propose Joint Open Meeting of SRHS/JCBOS

Update: June 29, 2015

An attendee at the Board of Supervisors meeting informs us that McKay talked about the below idea, but felt it wasn’t a good idea at this time. He made no motion. He apparently had a change of heart in the 10 hours between his statements to SRHS Watch and arriving at the meeting.


In the comments section of SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor’s blog, SRHS Watch responded to a comment by District 5 Supervisor John McKay. Eventually we proposed to Messrs McKay and Taylor:

In the interest of cooperation and expedited resolution, will you and your respective boards extend and invitation to each other to have a properly noticed joint meeting/work session? That way the the public could see how the sausage is being made. Resolution of small items e.g. disposition of real estate, could be executed quickly with resolutions from both boards simultaneously.

There both groups would have the opportunity to work on a framework for future oversight of hospital operations and pension plan sustainability.

Obviously litigation related matters would require an executive session, but both boards should make a commitment to conducting as much in the public session as possible.

McKay has agreed to bring our proposal to tomorrow’s meeting of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. We hope all there will support this and that the SRHS Board of Trustees expedite their meeting process and re-schedule so as to allow quick response and participation in the proposed joint meetings.

A joint open meeting between both boards would be taking a huge leap towards more transparency and improved governance. Instead of waiting for the new law to take effect, SRHS could make a good faith effort and restore goodwill to the public and retirees by having open meetings sooner than required. Hopefully working under a focused agenda with the JCBOS will give them some practice.

You can read Scott Taylor’s post and the comment thread here.


3 thoughts on “McKay to Propose Joint Open Meeting of SRHS/JCBOS”

  1. How about taking the depositions of Kathy Hartung and the ladies of legal and compliance? There is a LOT there to be uncovered.
    It is apparent that the turnaround plan consists of eliminating the service lines of psychiatry, pulmonology, neurosciences, and primary care. And tossing of nonessential employees. The cancer program is teetering and on the brink as well, I am told.
    Please do a little investigation of Certus Labs. Is it true that employed doctors and even a senator are involved in this lab that competes with the hospital?
    There is a lot of talk of the previous administration. Please compare and contrast previous and current. What about the previous board of trustees?
    There hasn’t been any talk about the two entities that are/will be competing for Singing River’s business. The first is the Ingalls clinic and the second is the huge complex being built by Bienville orthopedic. No partnership? Ask the BOS why the hospital is not providing care for the inmates.
    How is it that the hospital has their own attorney that won’t put her name on anything or go to court but outsources everything?

    1. Sick and Tired, I love me a game of Clue. In the local medical community it is well known which doctors, politicians and others are involved in the big money makers like labs, compounding and referrals. A couple of doctors have even been recently escorted off of hospital property for dabbling in some of these, maybe because they bragged to anyone who would listen, that they were making more money than they could possibly spend. These MDs have since lawyered up. Can you say pill mill? Let me see if I can provide another clue or two. A senator who is involved in the Certus Labs hanky panky attended a county meeting this morning. One doctor involved in Certus Labs works the ER in one of two locations. His lovely wife is a great sales person and has closed many deals. Testing,Testing,Testing,1,2,3.Some doctors are referring their own patients to compounding pharmacies that they own. You could get a “KICK” from one. What about that Hippocratic Oath? Is any of this in violation of said oath or just against the law? Sidebar- SRHS management is also aware of these profit centers benefitting others but so far has failed to take action. Probably just want their cut.

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