Opinion: Reeves on the Hunt for Pension Plan’s “Real Killers”

“We expect and anticipate doing a lot more discovery and a lot of investigating into other entities that had their hands in the business of the trust and we think owe the trust money.”

– Jim Reeves to WLOX’s Mike Lacey


A solid year after filing suit Jim Reeves now claims that there are some nebulous “entities” who might owe the pension plan money.  This seems to be in direct contradiction to Billy Guice’s statements and the report of the forensic accountants he retained. This also runs contrary to findings by the grand jury and FBI. Reeves has yet to amend any complaint, call any witnesses who might shed light on these allegations, or to file any subpoena seeking documents from those alleged to wrongly hold pension funds.

It seems Reeves isn’t really interested in pursuing those alleged pension-snatchers until after Singing River settles.  It evokes the spirit of J. Wellington Wimpy’s famous “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”  Reeves seems to be telling the world, much like OJ Simpson, that he will only go after “the real killers” once he clears Singing River out of the way.  All for the fire sale price of $6 million.

You have to wonder why Singing River and Steve Simpson aren’t already doing this digging.  If there truly are other parties who owe the pension trust, wouldn’t that money reduce the burden of the hospital’s settlement?  Would it not reduce the proposed $13 million to be paid by the taxpayers of Jackson County? Would it not aid Singing River’s arguments of ignorance and innocence if they were ripped-off by some greedy Wall Street bankers?

Why would Jackson County and Singing River pay more than their share of the missing funds if there were truly others who owed the pension money?

In this statement Simpson seems to be making Denham’s argument and destroying his own: all of the facts are not in.

This makes absolutely no sense.

Reeves has previously called the settlement a “done deal” despite the protestations of Billy Guice and contraindications of Kevin Holland. You might wonder if Reeves was making an attempt to influence the putative class with his statements.  You might wonder if he was attempting to discourage those who might think they have a true shot at justice, answers, and accountability and are likely to opt out of his proposed settlement. You might wonder why Reeves would make such extrajudicial statements even after Judge Guirola restricted those before him from doing so.

You might wonder why Singing River’s attorneys aren’t objecting to Reeves’ extrajudicial statements as they did to those of Dustin Thomas.

That is, you might wonder, if only the wool weren’t covering your eyes.

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