Forthcoming on SRHS Watch: Certus Labs, Ethics Laws

Per the request of dozens of comments and e-mails SRHS Watch will be detailing information on Certus Labs. As with most of our investigations, we will be relying upon open sources.

We will also be detailing how the Mississippi Senate defanged the state’s ethics laws.  Certain liberty loving senators took away prosecutorial power from locally elected district attorneys and gave it solely to a panel of political appointees who conduct their proceedings in private. If you are aggrieved by the the panel’s decision you get to appeal to “one liberal Hinds County judge” and start the process de novo.



4 thoughts on “Forthcoming on SRHS Watch: Certus Labs, Ethics Laws”

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  2. Keep it up Watch!
    Is it true that there is a senator involved in this and a former vice president of SRHS? Is it true that there are/were two employed doctors who invested in this as well? And this VP and docs worked on this while employees of SRHS and presumably on the SRHS clock? Did human resources and the compliance department look the other way? Is it true that the spouse of a singing river emergency room doctor is working for Certus? Are any of these docs self referring?
    Thank you Watch

    1. Oh cold Hands, you certainly must come from the operating room, for you have certainly opened up the belly of the beast. Is there any medical professional who does not “double dip” by self referring, whether it’s out of a public hospital, a private hospital, or a private practice office? Has anyone ever been presented with a disclosure document revealing the kickback that the referrer will receive?

  3. Skeptic you are so right. We have cardiologists performing exams in their offices that were once done at the hospital. Heck we have doctors who are on site seeing patients, doing tests in their offices by outside vendors and the physician office is on hospital property! Double dipping and self referral has reached a new level in the 21st century!

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