You Won the Battle

You have read, researched, educated yourself and made your voice heard. Congratulations. You have proven that defeat is what faces those who seek to betray the public trust.

Tonight’s victory should be savored, but only ever so shortly.

There lies ahead much work. Three weeks until run off elections. Weeks of depositions and legal wrangling. Five more months with the current Board of Supervisors.

You have made the decision to clean out the old barn, ridding it of the infestation of rats, snakes, and piles of used oats. It is an unsavory business to work in the muck so regularly.

Be relentless in your conviction and in your determination to hold up the light to the wrongs in the county and watch the roaches scatter.

At this milepost on our march to victory, Samson comes to mind.

Samson was tied up and delivered to an army of Philistines, who were set to kill him. He broke free from the ropes and fashioned a weapon from the jaw bone of a donkey. Imbued with the power of God he defeated “heaps upon heaps” of Philistines.

Moral of the story?

The jaw of an ass will ultimately betray philistine ways.



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