Williams Will Get Answers, Pension Plan Members Will Not

At the same time the JCBOS came to order this morning, 30 miles down Highway 90 another story in the SRHS scandal was unfolding. Gentry Williams was giving his deposition as part of SRHS’ lawsuit against Williams’ company Jackson County Outsource Group.  Singing River alleges that Williams over-billed the hospital by $175,000. Williams has counter-sued saying he is owed $60,000 more.

Over the next few weeks, Williams will have a chance to get answer from Singing River’s former CFO  Mike Crews and former director of financial services Wayne Smith.  Others who have been identified as having knowledge of the contracts are CFO Lee Bond, former  head queen of legal services Stephanie Barnes Taylor,  Kim Monson, Linda Robinson, Mark LaFontaine, and even Chris Anderson.

What a strange picture.  You have one set of justice for retirees, who managed to get only two depositions from Mike Crews and Morris Strickland, and another for Roy Williams’ son who got a sweetheart contract with the hospital.

Folks, Roy Williams’  son is going to get more accountability over the $60,000 he says he is owed than you will get the $150 million you are owed.

These are truly wicked weeks in Jackson County.

Of note: this case caused a recusal of Circuit Judge Kathy King Jackson because her husband is a part-time employee of Singing River’s security staff. It is now before Circuit Judge Dale Harkey, who has before found himself having conflicts with Williams and Singing River. See: Dodson v. Singing River. 

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  1. Where are the physicians in all this? Dr. Avara, Dr. Roth, Dr. Rinker, and Dr. Washington- to name a few- are you gonna do the right thing and call for administrative change and support the men and women who have and still work beside you or will you continue to be cowards and hide behind your lab coats and continue to reap on the backs of SRHS employees, retirees and Jackson Countians? Dr. Avara, are you going to stay silent and continue to stare at us from SRHS purchased billboards?
    This is your chance to step up

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