Who Donates to Supervisors’ Campaigns?

As the election approaches be mindful that special interests infused the current crop of supervisors with campaign donations. Take a look at which engineering, construction, and other firms get awarded county contracts and look at the amount they spend on donations to the Board of Supervisors.  Look at our recent detailing of Paula Yancey’s campaign contributors and ask yourself why contractors and engineers would spend so much money to influence a non-partisan judicial race?

While the below video is regarding the U.S. Senate, the procedure is the same in all forms of government. Might the campaign contributions of hospital administrators past and present have an effect? What about the donations of past and present hospital trustees? Ask yourself why certain large or politically connected corporations get tax breaks, but your local hairdresser or mechanic does not. You can find those answers in the campaign finance reports on file at the Jackson County Circuit Clerk’s office.

2 thoughts on “Who Donates to Supervisors’ Campaigns?”

  1. This is a very good topic to be looked into. Who is funding the campaigns of each supervisor? How do we access this info or can you please post for all to see? I would like to see how many people with connections to the SRHS have given money to help re-elect these incumbents.

  2. Circuit Clerk’s Office
    Jackson County Courthouse
    3104 Magnolia St.
    Pascagoula, MS 39567

    From the Secretary of State:
    All candidates for public office in Mississippi must file campaign finance reports. Municipal candidates file these reports with their municipal clerk. County candidates file these reports with the circuit clerk in their county and all other candidates file these reports with the Secretary of State. Once a candidate files to run for office, he/she is responsible for all campaign finance reports until that candidate files a termination report, even if the candidate loses his/ her bid for election. Candidates who file a late report are subject to fines. If you have any questions regarding campaign finance you may reference our Campaign Finance Handbook, or you can contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-829-6786

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